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Super Mario 64

Camera Trick:

 After you've won the game, you can  control  the  camera  angle in the
 scene where Mario is talking to the Princess. To do so, use the analog
 stick on Controller Two. You can also do this on the Credits screen. 

Change Obstacle Speed:

 To  change the  obstacle  speed  on  Course  14, try this.  For slower
 obstacles,  enter  when  the  minute  hand  is  on  3.  To  stop  them
 completely, enter  when  the  minute  hand  is  on  12.  For the  more
 ambitious, enter when the minute hand is on 6 for a greater challenge,
 or 9 for the ride of your life! 

Dead Mario Trick:

 Go to  "Wet  Dry  World"  and get in the cannon.  Aim the cannon right
 above the sun. Shoot the  cannon  and you will hit the invisible wall.
 You will fall back  down in the cannon but your power  container  will
 loose a lot of life. Do this many times in a row and and you will die.
 You will still be able to shoot out of the cannon!
Extra Lives:

To find some extra lives on the Ice stage:

 1.On the first Ice stage, begin your slide. 
 2.On the first left turn, head for the row of Coins. 
 3.You'll slide into a tunnel that holds 2 extra lives. 

Fall from Great Heights Safely:

 When you're falling, do a  butt-stomp  just before you hit the ground.
 If your timing was right you'll take no damage.

 For more style, try this.  If you have the wing cap do a triple  jump,
 but just before you flip  press  B  and  dive  while holding A. You'll
 glide down and take no damage when you land. 

Final Level Playing Tip:

 The very last level is very hard  unless  you know a secret. The first
 couple of hits are easy because the  whole  plate  is still there. But
 when the sides fall out and form a star, this is what you do. Whenever
 Bouser runs at you do a side jump right over his head.  When the plate
 starts to tilt, find the running speed that will keep you in the exact
 same spot. 

First Person View:

 Set your camera mode to  "HOLD  CAM"  then, using the regular  camera,
 look around by pressing C-Up. Now hold R and press A or B.  The Lakitu
 should be very  close to Mario.  Walk into the  Lakitu  to change your
 perspective.  You can see your surroundings, but you may see pieces of


 If your power  meter is low dive into the nearest  pool of water. When
 you resurface your power meter will be restored. 

Hidden Coins:

 Run around any wooden post five times to receive five coins. 

Infinite Lives - Japanese:

 For infinite  lives in the  Japanese  version, go to any of the Bowser
 bosses (the first is easiest).  Run around Bowser and collect 1,000 of
 the coins he drops.  From now on when you die  you  will  gain  a life
 instead of losing a life. 

Mario Hat Factory:

 Go to the  desert  level  in the basement, then choose any level other
 than #1.  Next go over to the palm tree by the red bomb-omb buddy. Let
 the bird take your hat, then stand on the closest  piller and when the
 bird flies  around  the piller, hit him so he drops the hat, but don't
 pick-up the hat!  Then go stand under the palm tree until you teloport
 by the cannon. Then teloport back to the palm tree. 

 Every  time you do this, another hat will fall on top of the one befor
 it. After you do this 50 times, the game will screw-up and freeze.

Messed-up Room:

 After you get all 120 stars, shoot  yourself onto the roof where Yoshi
 is.  Then get the winged hat and jump  off the roof.  Now go back into
 the cannon and  shoot  yourself  back onto the roof only this time aim
 for the  highest  "tower"  (in the direct center of the castle). Go to
 the  left  side  of  the  wall,  facing  the  castle  and  before  the
 perpinducular wall, and do a jump-dive into the side of the wall.  You
 should fall  through  the castle into a  "black room"  that is a major

Owl Ride:

 To get a ride on an owl, go to  Whomp's  Fortress  (Level 2)  and pick
 "Shoot  Into The Wild  Blue"  or a higher star.  Now climb the tree to
 your left and an owl will fly out.  He will now let you ride him.  But
 if you wait too long he'll  tell you to lay off the pasta and the drop

Penguin Rematch:

 When you get 120 stars return to Cool Cool Mountain for a rematch with
 the  penguin.  If you thought he  was  big  before, you'll be in for a

Secret Slide in Peach's Castle:

 When you enter the  castle  go up the stairs and turn  right, the last
 room should be filled with stained glass windows. Go towards the first
 window on the right and jump in it. 

Shortcut to Star #4 on Lethal Lava:

 Go to Lethal Lava Land and pick Star #4.  Find the Grating where Mr. I
 is waiting, then  enter  the hole. Wait and you will warp to an island
 with a Wing Cap. Put it on, then do a triple jump and fly past the log
 onto the island with Star #4. 

Sliding Shortcut #1:

To improve your time on the Red Sliding level:

 1.Enter the Red Sliding level. 
 2.Jump to the left as soon as you exit the tunnel. 
 3.With a little practice you can land on the later part of the course,
   saving you valuable time. Complete the course in under 21 seconds to
   receive a Star. 

Sliding Shortcut #2:

This shortcut works in the ice/blue sliding level. 

 1.Pass the first two turns 
 2.Do not turn at the third turn 
 3.Let yourself fall slightly to the left 

Tiny-Huge Island Tip:

 If you are small, butt stomp the  big  goombas  to recieve a blue coin
 instead of a #DCDC00 coin! 

Top of the World:

 After obtaining  120 stars and talking to Yoshi, Mario can climb up to
 the very tip of the steeple on the castle.  Acquire  wings, climb into
 the  cannon and  shoot  yourself  as high up as you can, aiming at the
 steeple.  Once you get to the  lower  ring, you can climb  up the wall
 that is on the left  back  side (northwest from above).  If you get to
 the exact top of the steeple, you can triple-jump  without running and
 fly incredibly high. 

Unlimited Lives:

 When you start a game outside of the castle go to the second tree from
 the waterfall climb it and get the extra life.  Now go into the castle
 door and comeback out again to get another life, you can keep on doing
 this forever. 

Unlimited Lives in Final Battle:

 When  fighting  Bowser  for the third  time, if you get killed you can
 keep getting a 1-Up by walking behind the top left pillar. 

Wet-Dry Wonders:

 They say that a  picture's  worth a  thousand  words.  Apparently, the
 picture of  Wet-Dry  World  is also worth a  thousand  valves. You can
 control the level of water by the height of Mario's jump.  If he jumps
 into the picture at a higher level,the water level is higher.(and visa
 versea)  You can save lots of  mucking  about by  choosing  the  right


 1. Collect all 120 Stars
 2. Go to the Castle Gardens
 3. The grid near the Fish Pond will open, revealing a cannon
 4. Shoot yourself onto the roof of the Castle and Yoshi will be there!
 5. It's a short  visit, but he'll give you 100 lives and a triple-jump
    move before he leaves! 

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