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Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA


Collect three keys on any level.

Hot rod:

Collect six keys on any level.

Formula 1 car:

Collect nine keys on any level.

Prototype car:

Collect twelve keys on any level.

Rocket car and Midway track:

Attain a standing of first place overall under circuit mode.
The bonus Midway track is based on the interior of Midway's
development studio. 

Mountain Dew dragster:

Collect all four Mountain Dew bottles on any level. 

Fifth Mountain Dew can:

Even though there are only supposed to be four cans per level, a
fifth can is located on the Hawaii track. Take the shortcut
behind the caution signs. After jumping off the buildings, keep
accelerating and stay to the left. Jump over the small, barely
noticeable grass ramp that appears to the left. Your car should
launch through a tree, where the can is hidden. It has no apparent
purpose and does not disappear.

Extra time in practice mode:

Even though the instruction booklet states that keys and cans are not
used in practice mode, they may be collected for 999 seconds of time.

Switch control directions:

Highlight the "Mirror" selection on the Options screen. Hold C-Left +
C-Right + C-Up + C-Down and press Left or Right to access an "Extreme"

Wheels only sequence:

Press Up, Down, Z, Left, Right, Z, Right, Left, Z + Down, Up, Z at the
car selection screen to view a sequence featuring only a set of wheels
driving around.

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