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Multi Racing Championship

Best Time Trial:

 Press the R button at the  title  screen  and it will display the best
 T.T. time for the Mountain course. 

Bonus Cars:

 To get the bonus cars without  earning  them, go to the vs race and go
 to the closed  garages  and press B. It will say "Selected." When both
 players pick a car it will go back to the  screen  where you start the
 race and the bonus car you picked will be in the picture.

 If you want to use the bonus car  in match race and  championship  you
 have to go to the vs race and pick the  bonus  car and then push the B
 BUTTON several times back to the start screen  and go to match race or
 chapionship and te bonus car  you  picked  will be in the picture box.
 Don't go to machine if you are using one of the bonus cars because you
 cannot chose the bonus cars from anything but vs race. 

Challenge Mode:

 Win the race on all three courses in Championship Mode  to gain access
 to the first opponent  (Hannya)  in  Challenge  Mode.  If you can beat
 Hannya you'll be able to use their car and race  against  Deus. Defeat
 Deus in all  three  courses  and you'll gain his car and access to the
 mirror tracks. 

Ghost Cars:

 Simply get the  standard  time  in lap mode and you can race against a
 ghost car in the  Time  Trial  mode, just like in Mario Kart and Blast

Quick Start:

 For a super-fast start, wait until the count  down  timer reaches "1,"
 then jam on the gas. This takes some practice. 


 To use the two hidden  shortcuts  seen in the game's intro, select the
 "downtown" (hard) track.  At about the  3/4  mark  on the  track after
 passing the windmills and after some uphill  zig-zags you will come to
 a wide turn near a waterfall.  Near the  right  edge  of the track you
 will see a tree next to a "one way" sign.  Head for the tree and there
 will be a gap in the fence and a dirt road that goes  straight through
 the waterfall into a tunnel filled with water.

 More Shortcuts:

 Right past the location of the first hidden short cut is a tunnel.
 Right after the red and white sharp turn and road fork signs there is
 a tunnel with a grass and dirt road. Both shortcuts end up on the road
 not too far from the starting line.

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