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Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero

Cheat Codes:

 Enter these codes on the password screen. 

Code:          Effect:

 NXCVSZ   -->   Full Urns
 GTTBHR   -->   1000 Lives
 RCKMND   -->   View the Rock Boss Exploding
 CRVDTS   -->   View Credits

Level 1 Finishing Move:

 At the end of stage one when you  defeat  the boss (Scorpion), it will
 say  FINISH  HIM!! To perform the head rip fatality move one step away
 and motion  Forward, Down, Forward, High  Punch  on the control.  Then
 watch as Subbie tears of Scorpions head sending blood everywhere. 


Level:      Password:

   2   -->   THWMSB
   3   -->   CNSZDG
   4   -->   ZVRKDM
   5   -->   JYPPHD
   6   -->   RGTKCS
   7   -->   QFTLWN
 End   -->   XJKNZT

Special Moves 

(Note: All of these moves Need a certain amount of experience points.) 

Ice Blast:

 Down to Foward, Low Punch Allows Sub-Zero to throw an ice projectile. 


 Block+Low Punch+Low Kick+Back Can  slide  under  projectiles  and high

Diagonal Ice Blast:

 Angle  Up --- Down, Forward, High  Kick Angle Down --- Down, Back, Low
 Kick Makes Sub-Zero throw ice in 2 additional directions. 

Ice Clone:

 Down, Back, Low Punch Enables Sub-Zero to create an ice clone. 

Ice Shatter:

 Enable Sub-Zero to shatter enemies after 2 ice blasts. 

Super Slide:

 Block+High  Punch+Low  Punch+Back  Same as normal slide.  Except it is
 longer reaching and can take out multiple enemies. 

Freeze on Contact:

 Down, Forward, Forward, High  Punch Allows Sub-Zero to freeze an enemy
 on contact when running. 

Polar Blast:

 Forward, Back, Back, High Punch Freeze all  enemies  on screen  within
 the blast radius. 

6 Hit Combo:

 HP, HP, LP, LK, HK, back HK 

Ultimate Password:

 Enter the  password  "ZCHRRY"  to  warp  to  level 8. If you die, hold
 button A to warp to Quin Chi or hold button B to warp to Shinnok.

Cheats provided by: Stefan Weekes

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