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Mario Kart 64

Using the � Boxes Usefully:

 I use this trick all the time to help my chance of  winning  in almost
 every mode of play.  When I get a  �  box, I wait  until I see another
 item box one before planting mine.  If I time it just right, the � box
 I laid down will be right on top of where the  original  one was so if
 anyone goes to get it they can't tell it was a fake until they hit it!
Banana Trick:

 Hit the brakes as soon as you hit a banana peel. Hold the brakes for 1
 second, then release  and  hit  the gas.  This will  prevent  you from
 skidding or losing a balloon in Battle Mode. 


 If you can't pass an opponent, try  drafting  him.  Line  your kart up
 behind another racer. You'll see  wisps  of air come off your kart and
 you'll speed up slightly. Not much, but enough to pass whomever you're

Driver's Guide:

 Mario and Luigi are very well balanced  racer who don't have any major
 advantages or disadvantages. They're both  good  choices for beginning

 Peach, Toad and Yoshi accelerate well and don't lose a lot of speed if
 you go into grass or sand. Their maximum speed is slightly faster than
 average because they are lighter racers. Their disadvantage is corners
 -- they can lose a  lot  of  speed  if you  don't  slide.  Their other
 disadvantage is their light weight -- if they  collide  with a heavier
 racer, they'll crash for sure. 

 Donkey Kong, Wario and  Bowser  turn  corners  well, even if you don't
 slide. Also, if they collide with  another  racer, regardless of size,
 they usually don't crash.  While their  heaviness  is an advantage, it
 also has its drawbacks.  They start out slow off of the Starting Line,
 and take a while to reach top speed.  Since they are  heavier  racers,
 their tires will  sink into the  grass  or  sand  if they go off-road,
 causing them to lose a lot of speed.

Ghost Riders:

 You're probably familiar with the standard  ghost racers (the ones you
 create in Time Trial mode), but did you know the  course  was  haunted
 before you arrived?

 To play against the official course  ghosts, enter Time Trial mode and
 complete a track within the time shown below. After beating this time,
 immediately RETRY and you'll  be see the message, "Now Meet the Course

Course:          Time to Beat:

 Mario Raceway    1'30"00
 Luigi Raceway    1'52"00
 Royal Raceway    2'40"00

Item Shield:

 You can hold a single  weapon item (shells, explosive box or bananas)
 behind your Kart by Z. This can allow you to obtain other items or be
 used as a shield against attacks from behind. 

Mario 64 Castle:

 On the Royal Raceway after the big jump there will be a  #DCDC00  road
 to the right.  If you  follow  it, it will  bring  you to the Mario 64

Mega Jump:

 If you're using a mushroom or a turbo  boost, jump when another driver
 is immediately in front of you. If your  timing  is right, you'll sail
 over their head. 

Mirror Mode and New Title Screen:

 For a new title screen and access to  Mirror Mode  you must win a gold
 cup in all 150cc events. Good luck! 

Prevent Skidding:

 If you skid or blow up, rapidly tap the  GAS  button until you recover
 (usually 3 to 5 times.) If you see a music sign then you did the trick

Quick Lap On Frappe Snowland:

 When you start, do a U-turn  and  drive  backwards. (Don't worry about
 Liukitu's REVERSE sign)  Keep  driving  until  you get to the end of a
 bridge. At the end, jump right off the bridge and on to the snow. Keep
 driving, and Likitu will pick you up and place you  completely  on the
 bridge. (If you are placed  back on the snow, then it didn't work.) If
 you executed this correctly, you will  have  advanced  the entire lap.
 Repeat  this  trick (after crossing the finish line) and you should be
 able to finish the track in 45 seconds or less! 


 1.Bowser's Castle: You can gain a little  speed  by  jumping  over the

 2.Koopa Troopa Beach: Many people believe this is only accessible with
   a mushroom power-up, but this is false. Gamers can make the jump off
   the ramp without a power-up.  Just aim  straight  into the cave, use
   jump (the right shoulder button) make sure not to hit the walls, and
   jump right out from under the waterfall.

 Just before you get to the first rock arch, instead of going under the
 arch go to the right of arch.  After making the turn, head slightly to
 the right and the water parts  giving  you land to ride on cutting off
 some of the route. Be careful as you finish this part; there are a lot
 of crabs to slip on.

 3.Toad's Turnpike:  At the  beginning  by the first crossover, start a
   mini turbo slide before you reach the  place  where the roads cross,
   then jump the rail to the right. Lakitu will pick you up. Hold A + B
   one  second  before  he  puts  you down.  When you  hit  the ground,
   immediately go right and jump the rail again.  This time you will go
   through the ground.  You may land on the road or you may land in the
   water. Or sometimes you don't make it.  If you land in the water you
   will be put on the road where the short cut comes out.

 This trick is extremely difficult but you'll skip about half the track
 if done correctly.

 4.Wario Stadium: This is one of the longest tracks in the game, but it
   has a super shortcut that can cut  tons of time  off  your lap. It's
   possible to  jump  over  the wall to the  left  of the Starting Line
   using any one of the four  small jumps  there. Although you can make
   it over the wall without the assistance of any speed  boosting item,
   a Mushroom or  Mini-Turbo  assist  is helpful.  Approach the wall at
   high speed so that you are driving  directly  at it as you reach the
   peak of the  small  hill.  Jump just  before  you hit the  wall  and
   you'll sail over. The timing takes some practice but once you master
   it, it's not too difficult.  It is also  possible  to jump back over
   the wall on the other side of the Starting Line, but the return jump
   is much more difficult and takes precise jump timing and aim.

 5.Hydro Pond -- After  driving  through  about  half  the course, your
   driver will enter the ghost house.  Upon entering, take a right, but
   not as  sharp  as normal, and  you'll  pass  by a wall on your left.
   Instead of aiming toward the bats, you'll aim slightly left and pass
   on the left side of the wooden  pole.  This might look like suicide,
   but jump over the edge of the  star-shaped  pool  and you'll pass up
   that first-place player.

 6.Rainbow Road -- At the  beginning  of the  race  press  the gas just
   before the third light beeps to get a  turbo  then just as you crest
   the steep part of the first  hill  turn to the left and hit jump you
   fly off the road and if you get the angle  right you will land about
   1/3 of the around the track! This can also be done with mushrooms on
   the following laps. A lap time 1'27"00 is easily possible!

 7.Yoshi's Valley -- This   course   is  a  tangle,  as  shown  in  the
   introductory map, but here are a few short cuts that will enable you
   to beat just about anybody.  Follow the  course  until  you  hit the
   mazey part. Immediately go left and stay left. The first part of the
   short-cut is to stay left and on the narrow part of the course. 

   After managing to do that, you'll hit a little  checkered ledge, and
   you'll see a big red and white sign on the left pointing right. This
   is the hard part. Accelerate as fast as possible and stay to the far
   right. As soon as the rail on the  left  side  ends pull a hard left
   powerslide off the road. You'll  continue  the  powerslide  onto the
   upcoming  road  after  you land, and if you do it right, you'll have
   shaved off at least 10 seconds or lead the pack. Of course, this one
   takes a lot of practice, but once mastered, it can't be beat.

 8.DK Jungle Park -- You can  advance  the  lap  counter a lap  without
   going around the track in  DK  Jungle  Parkway. Try to jump into the
   wall to the  left  of the  exit  from the  tunnel  just  before  the
   Starting Line. Your angle of approach is important. If you angle too
   far to the left, you will  fall  back  into the tunnel. If you angle
   too far to the right, the  trick  won't work.  You want to fall into
   the  "dark space"  behind  the wall. Lakitu will pick you up.  If he
   puts you  back  on the track, inside the tunnel, the  trick  worked.
   When you go across the finish  line from there, the lap counter will
   advance one lap. If Lakitu puts you back on the track outside of the
   tunnel, the trick didn't work.  The best way to use this trick is to
   turn around and go into the tunnel right from the start. If you pull
   it off, you can get a 20-30 second lap on this course.

   More tips: Near the beginning of the race is a self-propelling  ramp
   which sends your  racer  across  a  giant  river.  This one is quite
   simple. Instead of jumping  straight off it, aim to the far left and
   you'll be ahead of the crowd by a few seconds. It works.

   Second, this  course  is  full  of  sharp  turns.  Use the  mushroom
   power-ups as you pass across the jungle terrain and though you'll be
   hit by coconuts, you'll  still  end  up  farther  ahead  than if you

   Third, there is one cave on this course that  disrupts  many players
   because of its weird angles and hard-to-follow path. But look at the
   ground and there is a light-colored  path, which makes it far easier
   to follow.

   Fourth, upon entering  the cave, accelerate to the  maximum  and aim
   toward the steep slope. If your racer is going fast enough then pull
   a hard left powerslide and you'll slide  right up the slope, thereby
   shaving a few seconds.

 9.Mario Raceway -- One of the best, and most difficult  to accomplish,
   shortcuts in Mario Kart 64 is jumping over the central wall on Mario
   Raceway. To take this shortcut, you will need a Mushroom.  The point
   where you will need to jump to get  over the wall is just before the
   fourth turn (the hairpin turn around the giant mushroom).  After the
   third turn, veer slightly to the left, and go  slightly  up the hill
   on the left.  Turn  sharply  back  towards  the  wall  and hit  your
   Mushroom boost just before you  leave  the road, jumping at the same
   time. You'll want to aim  just to the right of where the sections of
   wall intersect. If you make the jump, you will come  down  near  the
   giant green pipe. If you manage to take this  shortcut  every lap in
   Time Trial mode, and do the rest of the  course  perfectly, you will
   be able to complete the track in  under  one  minute.  This trick is
   extremely difficult to perform.

 10.Royal Raceway -- On Royal Raceway, after the first hairpin turn, go
   off-road to the left about halfway  between the hairpin and the next
   turn. Aim for the dark spot on the opposite shore and use a Mushroom
   to boost you over the water as you jump. If you make it to the other
   side, Lakitu will pick  you up and put you back on the  course  just
   before the monster jump over the pond! You can save about 15 seconds
   per lap with this shortcut.

   To save even more time, use a Super Mushroom just before you hit the
   second pair of arrows on the super  jump  across  the pond. Once you
   jump, turn as far  left  as you can (try to land on the flat part of
   the mountain.) If you make it, Lukitu  will  pick you up and put you
   right in front of the finish line!

 11.Kalimari Desert -- In Mario GP, if you have a  Super  Star, you can
   take a shortcut  through  the  train  tunnel  and gain a lap on your
   first and  second  lap. To do the shortcut, you will  need  a  Super
   Star. From the  second  crossing, turn left and follow the tracks to
   the entrance to the train  tunnel.  Activate  the  Super  Star  just
   before you enter the tunnel, and your  lap  counter  will advance by
   one around the min-point of the tunnel. This  shortcut  doesn't save
   as much time as you would think, because  following the train tracks
   will slow you down. Also, because you need a  Super Star  to pull it
   off, it isn't a practical shortcut for Time Trials.

 12.Choco Mountain -- Right before the big loop  there is a road to the
   left. Do a  powerslide  and you can jump the wall. If done correctly
   you can save about 10 seconds.  You  have to be in  150cc  or extra.
   Otherwise there is a fence there. 

Throwing Tricks:

 To throw a banana forwards, hold Z while  holding a banana, then press
 the joystick UP and release Z.

 To toss a turtle shell behind you, hold Z while holding a banana, then
 press the joystick DOWN and release Z. 

Turbo Boost:

 Press A as the  starting  light  turns green.  If your timing is right
 you'll race ahead of the other players.

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