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007 Goldeneye

 On  each  level  of Goldeneye, there is a  cheat  to  be  unlocked  by
 completing the level under a  certain  time, at a  certain  difficulty
 level. Here is a table of them all...

 Level 1 - Dam - Paintball Mode - Secret Agent - 2:40

 Level 2 - Facility - Invincibility - 00 Agent - 2:05

 Level 3 - Runway - DK Mode - Agent - 5:00

 Level 4 - Surface - 2x Grenade Launcher - Secret Agent - 3:30

 Level 5 - Bunker - 2x Rocket Launcher - 00 Agent - 4:00

 Level 6 - Silo - Turbo Mode - Agent - 3:00

 Level 7 - Frigate - No Radar (Multi) - Secret Agent - 4:30

 Level 8 - Surface2 - Tiny Bond - 00 Agent - 4:15

 Level 9 - Bunker2 - 2x Throwing Knives - Agent - 1:30

Level 10 - Statue - Fast Animation - Secret Agent - 3:15

Level 11 - Archives - Invisibility - 00 Agent - 1:20

Level 12 - Streets - Enemy Rockets - Agent - 1:45

Level 13 - Depot - Slow Animation - Secret Agent - 1:30

Level 14 - Train - Silver PP7 00 Agent - 5:25

Level 15 - Jungle - 2x Hunting Knives Agent - 3:45

Level 16 - Control - Infinite Ammo Secret Agent - 10:00

Level 17 - Caverns - 2x RC-P90s 00 Agent - 9:30

Level 18 - Cradle - Gold PP7 Agent - 2:15

Level 19 - Aztec - 2x Lasers Secret Agent - 9:00

Level 20 - Egyptian - All Guns - 00 Agent - 6:00

Bonus weapons:

Complete each of the following levels to obtain the corresponding weapon.

 Weapon:                Level:

 Magnum                 Antenna Cradle, Janus Base 
 Laser                  Aztec Complex (as 00 Agent) 
 Golden Gun             Egyptian Temple 

Bonus characters:

Enter the multi-player mode character selection and display the last
available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Next, press the
following controller combinations. Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L
and press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Left. Hold L and press Right. Hold
R and press Down. Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L and press C-Up.
Hold L + R and press Right. Hold L + R and press C-Down. Hold L and
press Down. An additional thirty-one characters will now be selectable.

Double mixed weapons:

Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in your
weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, in the
Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs). Cycle
through the weapons until two of the second set of weapons are ready.
Next, Quickly press the following set of buttons. Hold A button, then
before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2). Release A, then press A
once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weapons are cycling.
If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the weapons during
the cycle, allowing a mixed set.

Copying cheats to another folder:

Highlight a cheat from a folder, then hold A and keep that button
pressed until instructed otherwise. Press B(2) to return to the folder
selection screen. Then, press Z to select another folder. Enter the
cheat menu, highlight any code, then press Z. Press B and release A.
Select any level to begin game play with the cheat from the first

Cougar Magnum gun:

Complete the game under the "Agent" difficulty setting. 

Egyptian level:

Complete the game under the "00 Agent" difficulty level.

Bonus Aztec level:

Complete the Antenna Cradle level under the "00 Agent" difficulty

Bonus Crypt level:

Defeat the Aztec level under the "00 Agent" difficulty setting. 

007 mode:

Complete every level, including Aztec and Crypt, under the "00 Agent"
difficulty setting. The 007 game setting may now be accessible.
Options such as enemy health, enemy damage, enemy accuracy, and enemy
intelligence be adjusted. 

Same character in multiplayer mode:

Set the number of players to "4" and select the desired character for
player four. Change the number of player s "3" and select any
character (including the same character that was chosen in the previous
step) for player three. Set the number of players to "2" and select the
desired character for players one and two. Note: Players one and two
can never be the same character. Set the number of players to "4" and
begin game play. 

Bonus multiplayer areas:

Complete the second Severyna bunker, the Military Archives, and Water
Caverns levels under the Agent difficulty setting. These areas will be
available for multiplayer mode. 

Bonus multiplayer characters:

Bond villains Mayday, Oddjob, Jaws, and Baron Samedi will be selectable
for deathmatch mode after the game is completed under the Agent
difficulty setting. Note: They are not available in single player mode. 

Paintbrush weapon:

Begin game play in multi-player mode in a level that contains sniper
rifles. Collect a sniper rifle before getting any ammunition or
touching another character. Press A(2) after getting the sniper rifle
to use a paintbrush. 

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