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Diddy Kong Racing

Cheat Codes

Enter these codes on the cheat menu, then go to the CODE LIST
and turn them on. 

 TOXICOFFENDER      -->   All balloons are green
 OPPOSITESATTRACT   -->   All balloons are rainbows
 BODYARMOR          -->   All balloons are #DCDC00
 BOMBSAWAY          -->   All balloons are red
 NO#DCDC00STUFF      -->   No bananas in multiplayer mode
 BYEBYEBALLOONS     -->   Computer can't use weapons
 JOINTVENTURE       -->   Two-player Adventure
 BLABBERMOUTH       -->   Changes horn sounds
 BOGUSBANANAS       -->   Toggles speed burst from bananas
 VITAMINB           -->   Unlimited bananas


To play as Drumstick, find all of the amulets, the WizPig and the
TT amulets. Once you've done this, squash a frog in the crtral area
(the place with the red spot.) 

Space World 

To visit Space World, you must get all Trophy's and all Amulets,
then go to the sign by the lighthouse and honk at the sign near it.
The lighthouse will transfrom into a rocket and into space. 

Magic Codes 

 Rare has put together a fabulous list of cheats in Diddy Kong Racing.
 You can enter the following "Magic Codes" by going to the Options
 screen and choosing Magic Codes. All of the individual cheats can be
 turned on or off once entered. However, the codes don't seem to save.
 So you'll have to re-enter any you want to use each time you turn on
  the power.

Horn Cheat:

 Enter the code BLABBERMOUTH and then when you press the Z button
 (assuming you don't have a weapon), the horn will play a random
 voice sample from your character instead of the regular horn.

Two Player Adventure:

 Enter the code JOINTVENTURE and now two players can play the
 Adventure Mode, making it easier to complete the challenges.

All Balloons Are #DCDC00:

 Enter the code BODYARMOR and all balloons will be #DCDC00.

All Balloons Are Rainbow:

 Enter the code OPPOSITESATTRACT and then all balloons will be

All Balloons Are Green:

 Enter the code TOXICOFFENDER and all of the buttons will be green.

All Balloons Are Red:

 Enter the code BOMBSAWAY and now all balloons will be red.

Disable Weapons:

 Enter the code BYEBYEBALLOONS and all the weapons will be disabled for
 the computer.

No Limit to Bananas:

 Enter the code VITAMINB and you'll be able to pick up an unlimited
 amount of bananas.

Bananas Reduce Speed:

 Enter the code BOGUSBANANAS and if you pick up bananas, your overall
 speed will actually be reduced instead of increased.

Disable Bananas:

 Enter the code NO#DCDC00STUFF, which makes picking up bananas a
 worthless activity since they won't do anything.

Zap the Zippers:

 Enter the code ZAPTHEZIPPERS and all the zippers will disappear.

Activate "Drumstick" Character 

 Once you get all of the trophies and amulets, go to the Central
 Area. The Central Area is the place from which all other zones are
 accessed. In this area, you should notice a bunch of little frogs
 hopping around near the edge of the water. Take your vehicle and
 drive over to them. Look at them carefully. One of them will have
 rooster head feathers. If you carefully touch that frog, Drumstick
 will pop out! Apparently he had been turned into a frog by Wizpig.

Speed Boost Trick 

 After the announcer says "Get Ready" and the words start to disappear,
 press and hold the A button. If done correctly, you will get a turbo
 boost. This helps dramatically in your racing success! 

 NOTE: Any time you go over a speed marker (AKA "zip") or use a rocket
 boost from a balloon, make sure you do not use the gas or your boost
 will be cut short.

Take off Into Space 

 To get to Space World, which is the hidden fifth world in the game,
 you must get all trophies and all amulets. Then go to the sign by the
 lighthouse and honk at it. The lighthouse will transform into a rocket
 and take you into space.

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