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Cruis'n World

Change Paint Job:

 In one or two player mode, when you  select  your  car, use L and R to
 change the color of the car's body.

Short Cuts:


 Near the beginning in Hawaii there are road signs telling you to turn.
 On the left side turn at the first sign, then  immediately  there will
 be another sign, ram into that sign and go straight and you will be on
 a short cut.

 When you see a bunch of  barrels  on the left side on a turn without a
 curb, drive into the  forest  and  you'll  go through a  shortcut  and
 you'll jump over all the cars.

Great Wall of China

 When you see a  lighthouse  to the left  drive towards it and take the
 path. Keep going straight.

New York

 In New York on the last  two  tunnels take any of the off ramps on the


 In  Mexico  at the  Aztec  Temple, go into the  brush  to right to the
 temple and there will be a jump and a shortcut.


 A little while after the 1st  checkpoint  there will be a dirt path on
 the left.  Take it, bust through the  fence  and get ready for another

Turbo Boost:

 When any race is  about  to start, you'll hear "Ready...Set...Go".  As
 this is starting, hold down the accelerator just after you hear "Set".
 If your timing is just right, you will get a turbo  boost to start the
 race. This trick may take practice, but well worth the time and effort.

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