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Automobili Lamborghini

Bonus Cars:

 Exotic cars are awarded after successfully completing a series. 


 Arcade: Basic Series         -->   Porsche 959
 Arcade: Pro Series           -�>   Ferrari 512 TR
 Normal Championship Series   -�>   Bugatti EB110 GT 


 Arcade: Basic Series         �->   Ferrari F-50
 Arcade: Pro Series           �->   Dodge Viper GTS
 Normal Championship Series   �->   McLaren F1 and reverse tracks

Reverse Tracks:

 To race on reversed tracks, beat the Championship  Mode in Novice and
 Expert difficulty levels. 


 This game is loaded with shortcuts.  To find them for yourself, start
 a single race then turn around and drive in  reverse.  You'll have no
 time limit and can look for as long as you like.

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