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Super Smash Brothers

Alternate costumes:
Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down at the character selection screen.

Highlight Mario and press C-Right and Mario will wear Wario's costume.

Highlight Luigi and press C-Right and Luigi will wear his costume from the 
original Super Mario Bros.

Highlight Mario and press C-Left and Mario will be wearing his costume from 
the original Mario Bros.

Fight as Captain Falcon: 
Complete the game in under twenty minutes under any difficulty setting. 
Then, defeat Captain Falcon. 

Note: For the Japanese version, successfully complete the game as any 
character under any difficulty level and number of lives. Then, defeat 
Captain Falcon.

Fight as Jigglypuff (Purin):
Complete the game using any character under any difficulty level and number 
of lives. Then, defeat Purin.

Fight as Ness from Earthbound (Mother 2): 
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty level and three 
lives without continuing. Then, defeat Ness when he appears. 

Fight as Luigi:
Successfully complete the Bonus 1 "Break The Target" with the eight original 
characters and one bonus characters. This can be done during Bonus 1 
practice. Then, defeat Luigi. If you lose the match, complete Bonus 1 again 
with any character for a rematch.

Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage:
Successfully complete the game with all eight original characters under the 
normal difficulty setting and three lives. Continues may be used. The Classic 
Mushroom Kingdom stage will be available under versus mode. 

Character preview:
Hold Z and press the Analog-stick at the character biography screen.

Alternate congratulations screen:
Begin game play in one player mode using any character, difficulty setting, 
and number of lives. If you reach a total score of 1,000,000 points or more, 
an "Incredible" message will appear on the congratulations screen. 

Music test:
Successfully complete Bonus Games 1 and 2 with all characters, including the 
secret ones. This can be done during Bonus 1 and 2 practice. A music test 
option will appear on the data screen.

Borrow a life:
Begin a team game under versus mode. Press Start if you lose a life to take 
a life from your partner, if he or she has more than one remaining. 
Alternatively, press A+ B + Z + Start.

Item switch:
Play the game in versus mode at least fifty times to unlock the item switch 

Note: For the Japanese version, use any character to record one hundred kills 
to unlock an item switch menu. This menu allows various weapons to be toggled 
and control the frequency in which they appear. 

To get the "Item switch" option easier, use the following trick with two 
controllers. Go to multi-player mode and set it on damage 200% and stock 1. 
Have player one choose Kirby, and any character for player two. Press R to 
have Kirby grab the player two, then press R. Player two should die. Repeat 
this until you get the "Item switch" option.

Extra points for each level:
The following trick may be used to get an extra 100 points in each level. 
Defeat your opponent in one player mode. Press L to taunt just before he 
dies. If your character is in a taunt when the camera zooms in for the 
scores, 100 points will be awarded for the fighter's stance.

Losing points:
You will lose points after losing all lives and continues. 

Control credits screen:
Press one of the following buttons during the credits. Press Analog-stick to 
change the angle and move the target. Press Start + A to scroll faster, or 
to return to normal speed. Select a name with the target and press A to view 
details about their work in the game. Press B to pause or resume the 

Hold Z or R (block) until your character explodes.

Sudden Death:
Play a time limit battle. Make sure both of the characters have the same 
amount of lives when the timer runs out.

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