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NFL Blitz 2001

Cheat mode:
Press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below the helmets on the 
versus screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times 
each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in 
the indicated direction to enable the code. The name of the code and a sound 
will confirm correct code entry. Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press Turbo, 
Jump(2), Pass(3), Left.

Effect                                  Code 

Show field goal %                       0-0-1 Down  
Punt hang time meter                    0-0-1 Right  
No CPU assistance*                      0-1-2 Down  
Show more field*                        0-2-1 Right  
Fast turbo running                      0-3-2 Left  
Huge head                               0-4-0 Up  
Super blitzing                          0-4-5 Up  
Big football                            0-5-0 Right  
Arizona Cardinals playbook              1-0-1 Left  
Atlanta Falcons playbook                1-0-2 Left  
Hide receiver name                      1-0-2 Right  
Baltimore Ravens playbook               1-0-3 Left  
Buffalo Bills playbook                  1-0-4 Left  
Carolina Panthers playbook              1-0-5 Left  
Chicago Bears playbook                  1-1-0 Left  
Tournament Mode**                       1-1-1 Down  
Cincinnati Bengals playbook             1-1-2 Left  
Cleveland Browns playbook               1-1-3 Left  
Dallas Cowboys playbook                 1-1-4 Left  
No play selection*                      1-1-5 Left  
Denver Broncos playbook                 1-1-5 Right  
Detroit Lions playbook                  1-2-1 Left  
Green Bay Packers playbook              1-2-2 Left  
Indianapolis Colts playbook             1-2-3 Up  
Super field goals                       1-2-3 Left  
Headless team                           1-2-3 Right  
Jacksonville Jaguars playbook           1-2-4 Left  
Kansas City Chiefs playbook             1-2-5 Left  
Miami Dolphins playbook                 1-3-1 Left  
Minnesota Vikings playbook              1-3-2 Left  
New England Patriots playbook           1-3-3 Left  
New Orleans Saints playbook             1-3-4 Left  
New York Giants playbook                1-3-5 Left  
New York Jets playbook                  1-4-1 Left  
Big players team                        1-4-1 Right  
Oakland Raiders playbook                1-4-2 Left  
Philadelphia Eagles playbook            1-4-3 Left  
Pittsburgh Steelers playbook            1-4-4 Left  
San Diego Chargers playbook             1-4-5 Left  
No punting                              1-5-1 Up  
San Francisco 49ers playbook            1-5-1 Left  
Seattle Seahawks playbook               1-5-2 Left  
St. Louis Rams playbook                 1-5-3 Left  
Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook           1-5-4 Left  
Tennessee Titans playbook               1-5-5 Left  
Big head                                2-0-0 Right  
Washington Redskins playbook            2-0-1 Left  
Big head team                           2-0-3 Right  
No first downs                          2-1-0 Up  
Allow stepping out-of-bounds            2-1-1 Left  
Deranged blitz mode*                    2-1-2 Down  
Weather: clear                          2-1-2 Left  
Always QB (2P/4P on same team)          2-2-2 Left  
Always receiver (2P/4P on same team)    2-2-2 Right  
Unlimited throws                        2-2-3 Right  
Powerup teammates                       2-3-3 Up  
Fast passes                             2-5-0 Left  
Tiny players team                       3-1-0 Right  
Power-up offense                        3-1-2 Up  
Power-up blockers                       3-1-2 Left  
Smart CPU*                              3-1-4 Down  
No highlighting of receivers            3-2-1 Down  
No head                                 3-2-1 Left  
Ultra hard mode*                        3-2-3 Up  
Red, white, and blue football           3-2-3 Left  
Cancel "Always QB/receiver" code        3-3-3 Up 
No interceptions                        3-4-4 Up  
Power-up speed*                         4-0-4 Left  
Power-up defense                        4-2-1 Up  
No random fumbles                       4-2-3 Down  
Super passing mode*                     4-2-3 Right  
Invisible                               4-3-3 Up  
Super blitz mode*                       0-4-5 Up  
Turn off stadium                        5-0-0 Left  
Unlimited turbo meter                   5-1-1 Up  
Unidentified ball carrier               5-2-2 Down  
Weather: snow                           5-2-5 Down  
Hyper blitz mode*                       5-5-5 Up  
Weather: rain                           5-5-5 Right  

*   Two player agreement required.
**  Only in two-player game.
*** Only in one-player game. 

Off-screen plays:
Move to the top left corner of the screen when selecting a play and press Up(2) 
on the Analog-stick. The red or blue marker will disappear. 

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