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Monster Truck Madness 64

Low rider trucks:
Enter YRDR as a password.

Full time missiles:
Enter Y_WNT_T as a password to have unlimited missiles. Note: "_" indicates a 
space. To use the missiles, press Left during game play.

Gut bomb:
Enter BRPS as a password. 

Turbo mode:
Enter CFFNYN as a password.

Programmer images:
Enter JMPNG as a password to place a picture of one of the game's 
programmers on various surfaces. 

Weird textures:
Enter JMPR as a password. Select "Done" and "JIM" will appear in the square. 
Press Start, select "New Game", then choose "Summit Rumble". Select any 
number of players, but many CPU trucks. When game play begins, the 
background will be black and white, black squares with aliens or other 
objects in the middle will appear, and someone's picture will appear on the 

Jet-pack power-up:
Hold L + R + C-Left + C-Right + C-Up + C-Down then press Start at the main 
menu to begin a level. 

All levels:
To access all levels for time trial or custom race, unlock the Death Trap 
track then press B at truck selection screen. Start your own race or time 
trial under the expert difficulty setting and all tracks can be accessed.

Aztec Valley track:
Successfully complete a circuit under the easy difficulty setting.

Alpine Challenge track:
Successfully complete a circuit under the medium difficulty setting.

Death Trap track:
Successfully complete a circuit under the hard difficulty setting.

Press Down to use the horn. Note: There are many different type of horns that 
are randomly assigned at the beginning of a race.

Sound effects:
Press Up to hear "Yahoos", burps, and farts.

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