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Mario Party 3

Classic saved game names:
Create a new saved game file, but do not enter a name. The game will 
automatically name the file after a classic Nintendo character.

Change saved game names:
When you are about to select one of your saved game files, press Analog-stick 
Down. Then, press A and you can change the name of your saved game.

Easy coins:
Roll doubles on the dice after using a Mushroom for ten coins.

Roll triples on the dice after using a Golden Mushroom for twenty coins. 

If you have no coins, land on a Bowser space (or call him on the Bowser phone 
and go see him). He will give you 30, 40 or even 50 coins.

While you are on the Battle Royal map, after using a golden mushroom get all 
7s. You will receive 50 coins.

Go to Waluigi's Island. There will be a place with Blue Spaces, but after a 
whole turnthey could change into Bowser Spaces, Red Spaces, Battle Spaces, 
"!" Spaces, or Game Guy Spaces. Almost every space can give you coins, except 
the Red Spaces. You can get many coins there, but you will have to escape from 
the place before they become Red Spaces or Bowser Spaces. You can get an easy 
way out after buying a Golden Mushroom from Toad. 

With any character on any boardget about 80 to 90 coins. Then, go on the Game 
Guy Space. If you win the mini-game he selects, you can get at least twice as 
many coins. There is also one mini-game where you can get ten times as much.

Press L during game play to hear your character's taunt. You can only do this 
while on game board, but not in mini-games. 

Miracle Star:
Earn a S rank more than 8 times on the duel and board levels. 

Super hard difficulty:
Successfully complete the game in story mode under the hard difficulty setting. 
The super hard difficulty setting will be unlocked in story and party modes. 

Face on Mt. Mariomore:
Successfully complete story mode with any character to place his or her face 
on Mt. Mariomore. 

To get a gold face, successfully complete story mode under the super hard 
difficulty setting. Make sure that it is set with the all games (and not easy) 
option. You must finish will an "S" rank for everything, and not use any 
GameShark codes. 

Game Guy's Game Room:
Earn the Miracle Star rank in story mode to unlock Game Guy's Game Room.

Easy mini-games:
To unlock the regular mini-games easily, save the game after a turn. If the 
game selects a mini-game that is new to you, play it. If not, reset the game 
and try again. 

Bonus mini-games:
Successfully complete the game in story mode to unlock the Backtracks, 
Waluigi's Island, and Stardust Battle mini-games in party mode. 

Get all the 1 Vs. 1, 1 Vs. 3, 2 Vs. 2, 4 player, battle, and item mini games to 
unlock the Dizzy Dinghies mini-game.

Collect over 1000 coins in Game Guy's Room to unlock the single player Mario's 
Puzzle Party mini-game. 

Waluigi Island:
When you have five Stars on your paper, Daisy will appear (Starguy has a crush 
on her) and say that she is the prettiest and that she will just about get the 
Star Stamp. You will answer no fair start arguing. The Star says "Duel on 
Backtracks - beat Daisy to get backtracks". When you have six Stamps, Waluigi 
will steal the seventh and you have to do a Battle Royal to win it. Win to 
unlock Waluigi Island.

In adventure mode, complete all the locations until you are on the last level. 
Do not get blown up by the dynamite or you will lose all your coins.

Game Guy's Room:
To get into Game Guy's Room you have to be a Miracle Star (Get "S" ranks for 
everything including the finial battle with the Millennium Star). After that, 
play in party mode and go the Game Room. Go to the red door and Game Guy should 
be in there. If Battle T is in there, then it is the other door. 

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