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Mario Party 2

Shock, Drop, or Roll:
On the 1 vs. 3 game, Shock, Drop Or Roll, have the player that is the switch 
person press Forward and then Back to make the other players fall off. Note: 
This trick works best with Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

Taunt other players:
Press L to do your character's taunt when it is someone else's turn.

Bowser Land:
To get Bowser Land, you must complete every other board with any character 
and have a superstar on each.

Mini-game land extras:
Purchase half the mini-games from Woody in Mini-game land to receive the 
mini-game arena. Beat Bowser land for more arena modes. Also, purchase all 
the mini-games from Woody to get the mini-game coaster.

Mini-game Coaster mode:
To get the mini-game Coaster, just purchase all of the mini games (2 vs. 2, 
3 vs. 1, and 4 vs. 4). This mode allows you to play all of the mini-games 
in an adventure. All together, there are nine worlds.

Purchase item mini-games and battle mini games:
Successfully complete the mini-game Coaster under the normal difficulty 
setting to get the ability to purchase item and battle mini-games. Complete 
it under the hard difficulty setting for battle games.

Credits machine:
To get the credits machine, successfully complete the game on every course, 
including Bowser Land, then visit the options laboratory.

Goomba's House:
In every level there is a house that looks like a Goomba. This house is not 
in the mini-game stadium. 

CPU assistance:
Pause game play before player one starts the first turn on any game. Select 
"Settings" and set all the players to "CPU" under the hard difficulty 
setting. Resume the game and wait until the coins and stars are adding up 
at the end. The game will add up all the coins and stars from every player, 
regardless if they are CPU or human controlled. Note: This may also be done 
in the mini-game stadium by setting all handicaps to 50. 

20-Coin Bonus:
Obtain a Golden mushroom, and roll the same three numbers. Toad will appear 
and say that you are lucky, and you will be 20 coins richer. Note: There is 
no way to execute this on purpose, as choosing which numbers you roll is 
completely up to chance. 

Bowser spaces:
When you land on a bowser space and roll the roulette wheel, sometimes you 
will see Star Steal, 10,000 coin bonus, or Stars packed to go. If the 
roulette lands on one of these, Bowser will hesitate and run away. 

More mini-games:
To get the Rainbow Run, Dungeon Dash, and Driver's Ed mini-games, you must 
complete the following tasks:

Dungeon Dash
Buy every 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2 and 4 vs. 4 mini-game and go to the mini-game 
park to get it from the piranha plant chasing the butterfly. Note: This is 
basically the same thing as Desert Dash from the first Mario Party. 

Driver's Ed
Complete the mini-game Coaster under the hard difficulty setting. Go to 
Woody and buy every mini-game in the game. He will then present with 
Driver's Ed. Go to Woody to play it at anytime Note: This game is basically 
a driver's test. This cannot be played during a board game. 

Rainbow Run
After unlocking Driver's Ed, go to the mini-game park again. The piranha 
plant will present with this mini-game and then disappear. Note: This is 
basically Tightrope Treachery from the first Mario Party. 

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