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Madden NFL 2002

Bonus teams:
Press C-Up, Start(3), R, L, Z, A(2), B to unlock the following teams: 

Steels (can vanish the other team's players and take balls from them) 
Zincers (can punch)
Copperbanks (can teleport!)
Flyers (glides across the field)
Mailmen (cannot be tackled or approached) 

Random team selection:
Select exhibition mode. Press L to choose a random visiting or R to get a 
random home team at the team selection screen.

Skip coin toss:
Repeatedly press A + Start + Z (about five to six times) at the coin toss 
screen to advance to the kickoff.

100 rated players:
During a season, go to "Settings" and turn salary caps off. Then, go to "Manage 
Roster", and make or edit a player. You can put all their stats to 100.

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