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Body Harvest

Sound test:
Successfully complete the game to unlock a sound test selection on the options 

Bonus modes:
Collect all crystals in the game until the status on the saved game selection 
screen is at 100%. Options for boss battles and a intermission scene display 
will be unlocked. 

Extra lives:
To get an extra life, get the star at the beginning. Press Start and select 
"Try Again". Go to the same level and go back to get the star again. Repeat 
this as many times as needed.

Moves (combos):

Fire + Stone: Rock shooter
Fire + Ice: Ice and fire blower
Fire + Needle: Bow and arrow with fire arrow
Fire + Bomb: Fireworks
Fire + Spark: Solar powered fire
Fire + Cutter: Fire sword
Fire + Fire: Fire bird
Fire: Fire ball
Stone + Ice: Skating soap
Stone + Needle: Drill
Stone + Bomb: Dynamite
Stone + Spark: Electric rope tied to stone
Stone + Cutter: Stone cutter
Stone + Stone: Big rock
Stone: Rock
Ice + Needle: Snow flake
Ice + Bomb: Snowman bomb
Ice + Spark: Refrigerator (food gives you health)
Ice + Cutter: Skate
Ice + Ice: Snowball
Ice: Ice blower
Needle + Bomb: Spikey bomb
Needle + Spark: Thunderbolt
Needle + Cutter: Bite (commercial)
Needle + Needle: Spikey gadgets
Needle: Spike ball
Bomb + Spark: Light bulb
Bomb + Cutter: Bomb that hooks onto opponent
Bomb + Bomb: Missile launcher
Bomb: Bomb
Spark + Cutter: Electrical double bladed sword
Spark + Spark: Electric ball
Spark: Electric shock
Cutter + Cutter: Boomerang with blades
Cutter: Boomerang 

Break through walls:
There are various walls that must be broken by specific abilities. The ability 
depends on the color of the wall.

Light Brown: Spike
Brown: Rock
Red: Fire
Green: Cutter
Black: Bomb
Blue: Ice 

Boss strategies:

Pop Star Boss
Best weapon: Flame Sword (Cutter, Flame). Use the sword to destroy the tiny 
trees, then hit the spikes that come out of the ground. 

Rock Star Boss
Best weapon: None. When you get all the way to the top, suck one the atom 
objects and throw it at one of the cubes. 

Aqua Star Boss
Best weapon: Flame Sword (Cutter, Flame). When the shark is in front of you, 
throw the sword at him. After he faints, hit him when he swims up at you. 

Neo Star Boss
Best weapon: Anything that throws. When the lava comes out of the ground, hit 
it. He will faint and then chase you. When he is not doing anything, jump and 
throw whatever you have at his mouth. 

Shiver Star Boss
Best weapon: Anything. When his hands are in range, hit them. He then turns 
into a jet. Go for the pincers. 

Ripple Star Boss
Best weapon: Random. When he turns into something, hit him with that. For 
example, when it turns to lightning, hit it with lightning. 

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