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Hey You Pikachu!

Deep In Ochre Woods: Hidden area: 
Look at the hills in Ochre in the Deep In Ochre Woods section. Approach the hill 
that appears to be slightly different and walk through it to find hidden items.

Deep In Ochre Woods: Togepi Egg: 
When in Deep In Ochre Woods, go to the cave at the edge of the woods. Command 
Pikachu to come to you -- you may also need to tell him to look. He will look in 
the cave and find a Togepi Egg. Abra will come down and take the Egg. Visit Abra's 
shop and the Egg will be there. Visit often enough and the Egg will hatch.

Field Trip Part 2: Hidden area:
Approach the largest tree. Command Pikachu to came to you and you will be able to 
enter the tree and get to Abra's shop. 

Field Trip Part 2: Watering Jug upgrade: 
In Field Trip Part 2, you can buy a watering jug that can be used thirty times 
instead of the watering can that can only be used three times.

Pikachu's Daring Days: Pirate's Sword: 
Go to Pikachu's Daring Days and select Cobalt Island (The Treasure Hunt, Part 2). 
Go to the other side of the island and look around. Eventually, you will find a 
path leading up to a pirate fort. Try to keep Pikachu from finding the treasure 
chest. Using view mode, tell Pikachu to "Thunderbolt" the cannon facing away from 
the treasure chest. A loud blast will ring out. When the smoke clears, you will 
notice that all the chests will be unearthed, allowing you to simply follow the 
directions on the signs. If you did not open the chest inside the fort, opening it 
now will give you a pirate's sword.

Pokemon Picnic levels: Extra points and secret areas:
There are secret areas in all Pokemon Picnic levels. They are all in the same 
place. Find the odd spot in a wall. Go in it (and if you cannot see, turn up the 
color). There will be a magnet and a few bolts there in Pokemon Picnic 1. Pick them 
up for more PikaPoints. In Pokemon Picnic 2 and 3, there will be a Golden Apple. 
Pick it up for 500 PikaPoints. 

Pokemon Picnic 3: Lucky Hook:
In Pokemon Picnic 3 you can buy the Lucky Hook from Abra's shop. Pikachu needs to 
be nearby to enter the shop. Once you leave you cannot reenter until the next day.

Pokemon Picnic 3: Better Water Pokemon: 
Play in Pokemon Picnic 3 and go to Abra's shop. Buy the Lucky Hook, then go fishing 
anywhere. Some of the different Pokemon you can catch include the following.

Olivine: Pollywag, Pollywirl
Ochre: Dratini
Cobalt: Kingler, Tentacruel, Seadra 

Make Pikachu dizzy:
Go to the Pikachu's Discover, Play, or Daring Days map and press the Analog-stick in 
any direction. You should see circles in Pikachu's eyes.

Pikachu's attacks:
If you want Pikachu to do an attack, say one of the following: "Thundershock", 
"Thunderbolt", or "Thunder". Saying "Thunder Wave" or "Thunderpunch" will only 
confuse Pikachu, because he is only used to three attacks. 

Play Pokemon quiz at any time:
If you want to play Pokemon quiz, but Pikachu wants to go outside, say "Quiz Time". 
Pikachu will nod its head and start the Pokemon quiz. Note: Pikachu must be looking 
at you.

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