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Conker's Bad Fur Day

50 lives:

Easy game controls and difficulty:
Enter EASY as a code. 

Very easy game controls and difficulty: 
Enter VERYEASY as a code.

The EASY and VERYEASY codes have the following effects. The enemies' accuracy 
will be reduced. For example, Teddiz bullets will not hit you that easily. The 
codes slow down some enemies, including Bosses. For example, the Teddiz robot 
in the It's War chapter will pull out his weapon and charge them up on 
VERYEASY, giving you a good ten seconds to shoot the guns. The codes make you 
somewhat invulnerable. For example, at the Escape From Teddiz Base level, the 
machine gun fire coming out from the background will not harm you. Finally, 
the controlls will be easier.

Debug mode:
Enter XFYHIJERPWAL_IELWZS as a code. Note: "_" indicates a space. This code 
allows the game to be played in debug mode on Nintendo 64 development systems. 
It has no useful function in the retail version of the game. 

Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multi-player mode:

Play as Cavemen in multi-player mode:
Enter EATBOX as a code. 

Play as Conker in multi-player mode:
Enter WELLYTOP as a code.

Play as Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode: 

Play as "NEO" Conker in multi-player mode:
Enter EASTEREGGSRUS as a code.

Play as Weasel Henchmen in multi-player mode:
Enter CHINDITVICTORY as a code. 

Play as Zombies and Villagers in multi-player mode:
Enter BEEFCURTAINS as a code. 

Frying pan in race mode:
Enter DUTCHOVENS as a code.

Baseball bat in race mode:
Enter DRACULASTEABAGS as a code.

All Chapters and scenes unlocked:
Enter WELDERSBENCH as a code. 

Barn Boys chapter: 
Enter PRINCEALBERT as a code.

Bats Tower chapter: 
Enter CLAMPIRATE as a code.

The Heist chapter: 
Enter CHOCOLATESTARFISH as a code for extra money and to unlock "The Heist" in 
chapters mode. You can also play the entire game in chapter mode, no matter 
how far you are.

It's War chapter:
Enter BEELZEBUBSBUM as a code. 

Slopranos chapter: 
Enter ANCHOVYBAY as a code.

Spooky chapter:
Enter SPANIELSEARS as a code.

Uga Buga chapter: 
Enter MONKEYSCHIN as a code.

New death animation in multi-player mode: 
Enter SPUNKJOCKEY as a code. Use a chain saw or katana to cut a Teddyz head off 
in the War level for a Matrix-type death animation.

Censored codes:
Enter an obscene word as a code. 

Enter the same incorrect code twice in a row. You will be insulted by the Fire 
Imp, who will say "Didn't work the first time, ain't gonna work the second time, 

Unlimited tails:
Find the hook on a sign in level 2. Intentionally die to start the hook 
tutorial. The hook will now have a tail for extra lives. Take the tail and 
return to level 1. Return and another tail will appear on the same hook. Repeat 
to get as many lives as needed. 

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