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Command And Conquer 64

Adjust battle screen:

Hold R press C-Up or C-Down to magnify and reduce the battle screen. 

Easier building:

Highlight a unit to be created from the toolbar, then press A. Hold Z 
and press A after receiving the "Unit Ready" or "Construction Complete" 
message to build the same unit again without returning to the toolbar. 

Build away from base:

To build away from your base, simply create a chain of sandbags to the 
desired location.

Use opponent's structures and men: 

Use an engineer to get into your opponent's Mobile Construction Unit. 
This will allow use of your opponent's structures, men, and more.

Faster training:

Build more than one Barrack or Hand Of NOD to increase the training 
speed of a unit.

Selling vehicles:

Place a vehicle in the repair bay to sell it.

Selling troops:

Place troops next to or inside the items that are being sold. For 
example, when playing as the GDI, build a transport and repair pad 
and place five soldiers in the transport. Place the transport on 
the pad and sell it to get full price for the item and the men. 

Killing multiple grenadiers/flamethrowers: 

When attacked by a group of flamethrowers or grenadiers, just kill a 
few of them to set off a chain reaction that will kill the rest.

Gold NOD weapons:

Play as the GDI and capture a NOD airstrip. The GDI forces there will 
continue to build NOD weapons with a gold tint. 

Finding money:

Destroy the churches in the villages to find $1000. 

Minigunners for less money:

If you need money and you want to make minigunners, do not train 
them. Make a Tiberium Silo and sell it . You will get three 
minigunners and a small amount of money. For the same construction 
time and three times less money you will get the same result: three 
minigunners. This strategy will work with any structure other than 
walls, but the Tiberium Silo is the cheapest building.

Build NOD attack chopper:

To build an attack chopper for the Brotherhood of NOD, simply take 
over their main base and the option for an attack chopper will 
become available.

Faster Ion Cannon and Nuclear Weapon charge:

Build more power plants to get a faster Ion Cannon and Nuclear 
weapon charge. 

Taking out Lasers:

The fastest and easiest way to take out Lasers is to use three flame 
tanks -- you will barely get damaged.

Taking out Guard Towers and Advanced Guard Towers:

Build Artillery and send them to attack those structures. They shoot 
from such a long distance that the Towers can not shoot back.

Tiberium Factories:

When you destroy all your opponent's Tiberium Factories, you can 
shoot one of their structures a few times for them will sell to it. 
However, make sure you take out their main base first or they will 
not be able to rebuild the Tiberium Factories.

Keep tanks from getting destroyed: 

Get some men and put them in the front of your tank. When the enemy 
opens fire, they will shoot at the men instead of the tank.

Enemy shoot each other:

Take a quick unit and speed it through two enemy units to get them 
to shoot each other.

Distracting the enemy:

You can use units such as mini-gunners to distract the enemy and 
overwhelm them. They will not attack until the gunner dies.

Using walls:

Enemies will not attack walls. To use this to your advantage, build 
them to block enemies from getting to Tiberium Fields and your base.

Destroying tanks:

Do not waste a lot of men on an enemy tank. Use two rocket launcher 
men. A tank will not crush them and cannot kill both of them before 
they destroy the tank.

Winning as NOD:

Build a remote construction site. Then, build a laser turret but do 
not place it. Send the construction yard truck close to your 
opponent's base, then make it into the yard. Quickly get the laser 
turret and place it next to the yard. Note: Make sure you have 
enough power before you start building.

GDI targets:

When playing against GDI, they will usually attack your northernmost 
structure with the Ion Cannon and A-10's. Another one of their usual 
targets are Obseliks/Turrets.

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