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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

Unlock General Plastro:
Enter PLSTRLVSVG as the password. 

Unlock Vikki:
Enter GRNGRLRX as the password. 

Debug info:
Enter THDTST as the password. 

Small mode:
Enter DRVLLVSMM as the password. 

Tin foil uniform:
Enter TNMN as a password. Note: This is not armor, although there is a 

Level select:
Enter LLLVLS as a password. 

Level           Password 

Bridge          FLLNGDWN 
Fridge          GTMLK 
Freezer         CHLLBB 
Inside Wall     CLSNGN  
Graveyard       DGTHS 
Castle          FRNKNSTN 
Tan Base        BDBZ 
Revenge         LBBCK 
Desk            DSKJB 
Bed             GTSLP 
Blue Town       SMLLVLL 
Cashier         CHRGT 
Train           NTBRT 
Rockets         RDGLR 
Pool Table      FSTNLS 
Pinball Table   WHSWZRD  

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