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All-Star Baseball 2000

Blurred graphics:
Enter MYEYES as a code at the cheat screen. 

Beach ball mode:
Enter BCHBLKTPTY as a code at the cheat screen. 

Blackout mode:
Enter WTOTL as a code at the cheat screen. 

Baseball trails:
Enter WLDWLDWST as a code at the cheat screen. 

Fly back to dugout:
Enter FLYAWAY as a code at the cheat screen. Players will fly back to the 
dugout after an out. 

Small players:
Enter TOMTHUMB as a code at the cheat screen. 

Faster running:
Hold Z to run faster. 

Change pitch speed:
Hold Z to increase or R to decrease the speed of a pitch. 

Super fastball:
Begin an exhibition game in arcade mode against the CPU. Throw a 
fastball and hold A + C-Down while it is flying towards the batter. If 
done correctly, the batter will not be able to hit the ball. 

Lizard team:
Select an exhibition game at Kaufmann Stadium. When a player hits either 
sign that reads "Win a lizard", the entire team will turn into lizards.

Easy strikes:
If the CPU misses a bunt, it will probably attempt another bunt on the 
next pitch. Press B to throw far outside the hitting zone for an easy 

Alternatively, hold A + C while pitching.

More home runs:
Select a power hit and place the box under the pitch to increase the 
chances of hitting a home run.

Heal injured players without going to the disabled list:
Send an injured player to the minors and bring him back up. Any injury he 
had will now be gone.

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