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Level select:

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, 1 at the first opening screen. Then, 
press 1 on the next screen. The phrase "Select Round" will appear 
to confirm correct code entry. Press Start when the desired number 
appears to begin game play at the corresponding level. 

Rescuing level 2 hostages:

The last eight hostages on level two are in the submarine. Bomb the 
periscope as it appears from the water. This will cause the entire 
to emerge. The hostages will appear on the bridge. Land next to 
them to start the rescue. 

Hidden characters:

After the first prison is a rocket launcher. Shoot ten rockets and 
Superman will appear. Shoot him to speed up the hostages. Other 
characters such as Jaws or E.T. may appear in place of Superman. 

Stop tank from firing:

Move up and down after landing to collect the hostages to prevent 
the tank from firing. 

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