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America Online

Smiley face:

Enter smile4u as a keyword. Click on the animated smiley face that 
appears to hear various sounds, including Nelson from The Simpsons. 

Virtual fruitcake:

Enter virtualfruitcake as a keyword to send a virtual fruitcake to 
another AOL member. 

Cartoon characters:

Enter one of the following keywords to view the corresponding 
cartoon character.

Character                       Keyword 

Yogi Bear                       igoy 
Boo Boo Bear                    ooboob  
Shaggy (from Scooby Doo)        yggahs  
Wilma Flintstone                amliw  
Betty Ruble                     ytteb 
Dino (from The Flintstones)     onid  
Astro (from The Jetsons)        ortsa  
Snagglepuss                     ssupelggans  
Top Cat                         tacpot 

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