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Age Of Empires

Cheat mode:

Press [Enter] and type one of following codes to activate the 
corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes may only be activated 
in v1.1 and later versions of the game. 

Effect                                  Code 

Everyone dies                           diediedie  
Resign game                             resign  
Full map                                reveal map  
1000 food                               pepperoni pizza  
1000 gold                               coinage 
1000 wood                               woodstock  
1000 stone                              quarry 
Remove Fog of War                       no fog  
Transform villagers                     medusa  
Commit suicide                          hari kari  
Laser gunner                            photon man  
Animal control                          gaia  
Juggernauts may move on land            flying dutchman  
Instant building                        steroids  
Win scenario                            home run  
Kill player                             kill(player's position 1-8)
Rocket launcher car                     bigdaddy  
Increased catapult range and effect     big bertha  
Priest 600 hit points, speed 6          hoyohoyo  
Increased ballista range                icbm  
Catapults fire peasants                 jack be nimble  

Stealth archer, dressed as tree 
when still                              dark rain 
Turn horse archers into black riders    black rider  
Nuclear missile trooper                 e=mc2 trooper  
Invincible soldiers                     zeus  

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