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You Don't Know Jack!

Fiber Optic Field Trip:
Wait until a Gibberish Question appears as question three or four. The Field 
Trip will be on question seven if the Gibberish Question was question three. 
The Field Trip will be on question eight if the Gibberish Question was question 

Demo mode:
Press D when the phrase "For additional options press Escape" is displayed. 
Alternatively, do not press any keys at the beginning, when Cookie asks for 
the number of players. 

Funny response:
Answer F**k You (without the asterisks) to any Gibberish question. The first and 
second times this is done, the game will give you a smart mouth reply. The third 
time will shut the game off, and you need to restart your computer to play again.

Host burns you worse then usual:
Type F**k You (without the asterisks) as your player name, then when you get a 
gibberish question, type F**k You (without the asterisks) to get an even worse 
response than if you had entered a regular name. 

The ultimate response:
Start a three player game, then wait for a gibberish question. Proceed to buzz 
in with each player and type F**K You (without the asterisks). The third time 
you do this, the host goes on about how he is not putting up with this and 
quitting the game. During this, press any key. The host will say similar to , 
"Oh no, you're not getting out that easy, this game is over!". Then, something 
very funny will happen. 

Double points:
When a category appears that you have already done appears, buzz in immediately 
before the multiple choice answers appears and type in the correct answer. The 
game will give you a smart mouth reply and then award double points. 

Assigned names:
Do not enter any name after Cookie repeatedly asks you to do so, until a name is 
automatically assigned. 

Special messages:
Set the system date to one of the following and start the game to get a special 
message form Cookie. Note: These are listed in the "usd.txt" file on the CD-ROM.

Holiday                         Date 
Ash Wednesday                   8 March 2000  
Flag Day                        14 June 
April Fools Day                 1 April  
Great American Smokeout         3rd Wednesday in November  
Guy Fawkes Day                  5 November  
Sweetest Day                    3rd Saturday in October  
Mother's Day                    2nd Sunday in May  
Father's Day                    3rd Sunday in June  
Day of the Dead                 1 November  
Michaelmas                      29 September  
Bastille Day                    14 July  
Elvis Presley's Birthday        8 January  
Earth Day                       22 April  
National Coming-Out Day         11 October  
Martin Luther King Jr. Day      3rd Monday in January  
Saint Patrick's Day             17 March  
Easter                          23 April 2000  
Nurses Day                      12 May 
Labor Day                       1st Monday in September  
Yom Kipper                      20 September 1999 or 9 October 2000  
Independence Day                4 July  
Thanksgiving                    25 November 1999 or 23 November 2000  
Hanukkah                        4 December 1999 or 22 December 2000  
Valentine's Day                 14 February  
Christmas Eve                   24 December  
Christmas                       25 December  
Groundhog's Day                 2 February  
New Year's Day                  1 January  
New Year's Eve                  31 December  
Kwanza                          26 December  

Additionally, start the game at one of the following times to receive other 

Friday after 8pm
Saturday after 8pm
Anytime after 8pm
Anytime before 4am
Anytime between 4am and 9am 

Finally, starting the game during one of the following holidays will also result 
in a special message: 

Arbor Day
Boxing Day
Secretaries' Day
Grandparent's Day 

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