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Tomb Of The Taskmaker

Duplicate items:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Get something valuable (Bar Of Platinum, Wish For Any 
Object, etc.) and put it on the ground. Save the game and close the program. 
Go to ResEdit, open your player file, open "LAND", and open your current 
location. Scroll down to the bottom, then hold [Shift] and click on the last 
letter or number of the code. It should now be highlighted. Copy the entire 
code. Return to the game, open your player, pick up the item(s), and save the 
game again. Return to ResEdit and repeat the steps, but instead or copying, 
paste the previously copied information.Save the file and close ResEdit. When 
the game is resumed, the valuable item will appear on the ground and a 
duplicate will be in your pouch.

Free ships:
Get in a ship at the docks. Move it between the drawbridges, then throw a 
boomerang or dagger at the switch.

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