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Terminal Velocity

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                      Code 

Temporary invincibility     trifir0  
Full Invincibility          trifir10  
Reload PAC                  trifir1  
Reload ION                  trifir2  
Reload RTL                  trifir3  
Reload MAM                  trifir4  
Reload SAD                  trifir5  
Reload SWT                  trifir6  
Reload DAM                  trifir7  
Recharge afterburner        trifir8  
Invisibility                trifir9  
God mode, weapon power up   trigods  
Level skip                  trinext  
Full shields                trishld  
Oscilloscope                trscope  
Hover in combat             trihovr  
Display framerate           trframe  
Level select                triwarp(level number 0 - 9)
Super afterburner booster   triburn  
1000 afterburner units      maniacs  
Weapon power-up             drealm 

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