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Begin game play and select a lobby before clicking on any other item. Use the 
scroll bars to move to the lower left corner of the screen and click to place 
a lobby at this location. 

Another way is to build a third basement.

Super lobby:
Hold [Option] while creating the building's first lobby to create a two story 
lobby. Select the lobby tool, then hold [Command] + [Option] + [Shift] and 
click on the first floor. 

Remove old units:
Hold [Shift] when placing a new unit to automatically remove the old unit. 

Extra money:
Use the magnifying glass to click on the condo that is marked "For Sale". A 
message similar to "The conditions are terrible" will appear.. Click on the 
current price, and lower it to $4,000. The comments will disappear, but do 
not exit. Immediately after the price has been lowered, increase it to 
$20,000. Note: This trick can also be used with other rooms, such as offices, 
hotel rooms, and the small retail shops.

Build an elevator in the middle of your tower, then stretch it to the B3 
floor. Place fast food facilities on both sides of the elevator. This will 
result in $200,000.

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