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Cheat mode:
Save the game using one of the following filenames to activate the 
corresponding cheat function.

Effect                              Filename 

Increase heavy machinery by 100 
and unskilled labor by 10           SIMONCHICKENB 
Add 5,000 to food                   RAGSCHOCOLATESTACH  
Add 10,000 to EMUs                  IAINTESTEDTICO  
Add 1,000 to building materials     DEESEXTRAPIXEL  
Add 200 random items                CATSNDOGS  
All jobs instantly completed        SOGGYBISCUIT  
Agents work for free                MARKSANCHOVYPIZZA  
Transform plant squares to earth    PAVEME  
Instant travel                      CHEATINGNOTME  
Skilled laborers                    CHINSLOVETREATS  
Enable all cheats listed above      AL'SFETISH  
Earthquake                          QUAKERATTLEANDROLL  
Crash at port                       HEADLESSTOURISTS  
Alien message                       HIALIENS  
Remove alien message                SDI  
AT disaster                         DUHDUN  
Oil tanker spill                    PINKEYANDPERKYEATCHEASE  
Oil terminal spill                  PEANUTBETTERTOAST  
No money                            MARYSECOSYSTEM  
Create drug village                 JENNERDRAWSGOODPICTURES  
Create leaper tanker                CHINSLOVETREATS  
Add 10 skilled laborers             3527490 

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