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Unlimited ammunition:
Hold [Option] and select "New Game". Release the key after the weapon 
level increases to 999999 in the tool box. 

Nuclear difficulty level:
Hold [Option] and select "Difficulty Level". 

Nuclear missiles:
Locate a plane and shoot it down. Completely destroy the plane just 
before it reaches the ground. A prompt offering nuclear missiles will 
appear. To fire a nuclear missile, hold [Option] while firing a 

Enable the "Nuclear missiles" code, then fire all missiles as nuclear. 
Obtain another set of missiles, and fire them as nuclear. A UFO will 
appear while the second set of missiles are being fired. 

Super shield:
Select the machine gun and shoot the parachutist twice. Then, shoot 
him once more just before he reaches the ground. 

Select the laser and fire the weapon a few times in the lower middle 
section of the field. When the correct location is hit, an earthquake 
will that destroy everything on the ground. 

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