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Quake 3: Arena

Press [F11] during game play to save the current screen in .TGA format in the 
baseq3/screenshots folder.

Cheat mode:
Press ~ to display the console window. Type /devmap <level name>. The message 
"Free for all and cheats enabled" will appear while the level loads to confirm 
correct code entry. Press ~ to display the console window during game play and 
type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                      Code 
Toggle God mode             /god  
All weapons and ammo        /give all  
Invisibility                /give invisibility  
Quad damage                 /give quad damage  
Flight ability              /give flight  
Set frag limit              /fraglimit <0-500>
Disable automatic weapons   seta cg_autoswitch 0  
Enable automatic weapons    seta cg_autoswitch 1  
Third person view           /cg_thirdperson 1  
Level select                map <level name>
View console commands       [Tab]  

Level names:
Use one of the following entries with the map code.

Location                            Level name 
Introduction                        q3dm0  
Arena Gate                          q3dm1 
House of Pain                       q3dm2  
Arena of Death                      q3dm3  
The Place of Many Deaths            q3dm4  
The Forgotten Place                 q3dm5  
The Camping Grounds                 q3dm6  
Temple of Retribution               q3dm7  
Brimstone Abbey                     q3dm8  
Hero's Keep                         q3dm9 
The Nameless Place                  q3dm10  
Deva Station                        q3dm11  
The Dredwerkz                       q3dm12  
Lost World                          q3dm13 
Grim Dungeons                       q3dm14  
Demon Keep                          q3dm15 
The Bouncy Map                      q3dm16  
The Longest Yard                    q3dm17  
Space Chamber                       q3dm18  
Apocalypse Void                     q3dm19  
Power Station 0218 (Tournament)     q3tourney1  
The Proving Grounds (Tournament)    q3tourney2  
Hell's Gate (Tournament)            q3tourney3  
Vertical Vengeance (Tournament)     q3tourney4  
Fatal Instinct (Tournament)         q3tourney5  
The Very End of You (Tournament)    q3tourney6  
Dueling Keeps (Boss)                q3ctf1  
Troubled Waters (Boss)              q3ctf2  
The Stronghold (Boss)               q3ctf3  
Space CTF (Boss)                    q3ctf4  
Secret level                        test box  

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