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Quake 2

Level select:
Press ~ to display the console, then type map  using the 
following information.

Name                Level code 

Outer Base          base1.bsp  
Installation        base2.bsp  
Comm Center         base3.bsp  
Lost Station        train.bsp  
Ammo Depot          bunk1.bsp  
Supply Station      ware1.bsp  
Warehouse           ware2.bsp  
Main Gate           jail1.bsp  
Destination Center  jail2.bsp  
Security Complex    jail3.bsp  
Torture Chambers    jail4.bsp  
Guard House         jail5.asp  
Grid Control        security.bsp  
Mine Entrance       mintro.asp  
Upper Mines         mine1.bsp  
Borehole            mine2.bsp  
Drilling Area       mine3.bsp  
Lower Mines         mine4.bsp  
Receiving Center    fact1.bsp  
Sudden Death        fact3.bsp  
Processing Plant    fact2.bsp  
Power Plant         power1.bsp  
The Reactor         power2.bsp  
Cooling Facility    cool1.bsp  
Toxic Waste Dump    waste1.bsp  
Pumping Station 1   waste2.bsp  
Pumping Station 2   waste3.bsp  
Big Gun             biggun.bsp  
Outer Hangar        hangar1.bsp  
Comm Satelite       space.bsp  
Research Lab        lab.bsp  
Inner Hangar        hangar2.bsp  
Launch Command      command.bsp  
Outlands            strike.bsp  
Outer Courts        city1.bsp  
Lower Palace        city2.bsp  
Upper Palace        city3.bsp  
Inner Chamber       boss1.bsp  
Final Showdown      boss2.bsp  

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