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Populous 2

Increased mana:
Enter the "World Options" menu selection during game play. Enter ITCHY 
SCALP as a code and press [Enter]. Return to the game and press M to 
increase the mana. 

Allow more power in custom game:
Select the "Conquest Game" option, then enter TIOW or any other 
password that is associated with a level with more power. Select 
"Cancel", then choose "Custom Game". The powers from the conquest 
game will be available during the custom game. 

Conquest game level passwords: 

Level   Password  

0       DOEGAC  
99      HOLLAK  
153     TIOW  
298     ALLOAK  
398     UGWIAB  
497     SUAFAK  
597     ITABAB  
697     NELLAF  
757     CCEGAT  
855     SIUNAT  
954 I   SEGAC  

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