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Pathways Into Darkness

Cheat mode:
Hold [Control] and enter one of the following codes during game play to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect              Code 

High speed mode     turbo  
Expert mode         carnage  
Reset elapsed time  reset  

Teleporter Egg:
Begin game play in the "Happy Happy Carnage Carnage" level. Go to the 
room in the southwest corner (according to your map). Search along the 
south wall in this room until finding the wall that you can walk 
through. Hug the wall and walk across it to find the wall. Walk 
through the long hallway to find three teleporters. The first and 
third teleporter take you to an room with no exit in the "Don't Get 
Poisoned" level. The second teleporter takes you to the "A Plague Of 
Demons" level. Move to the end of the hallway of teleporters to find 
the Egg. Eat it to teleport to the final level.

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