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Myth: The Fallen Lords

Level select:
Hold [Command] + [Space] and choose the "New Game" selection. 
Alternatively, hold [Space] and choose the "New Game" selection. 

Win level:
Hold [Ctrl] and press [Keypad Plus] during game play in single player 
mode to successfully complete the current level. 

Lose level:
Hold [Ctrl] and press [Keypad Minus] during game play in single player 

Preview multi-player levels:
Hold [Space] and select the multi-player (internet) option. Any 
multi-player map may be explored without connecting to BungieNet. 

Kill townspeople:
Hold [Command] + [Shift] + [Option] and click on a towns person. 

Super character:
Name a character Superman to become almost invincible under the easiest 
difficulty setting. 

Taunt opponents:
Select a unit to modify, then press T during game play. At random times, 
a cheer will be heard. 

Trailer trash:
Begin game play on level 2, "A Traitor's Grave". Move to the far lower 
right of the map to find a man standing next to a trailer surrounded by 
beer bottles and listening to county music. 

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