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Myst 3: Exile

Character gallery:
Go to the Tamahara Age and go to Atrus' desk. Hold ~ and select the picture 
of Atrus and Catherine.

Pez dispenser:
Enter in Saavedro's home and approach the hammock. Zoom in, then hold ~ and 
move the pointer until it turns into a "zoom" icon. Release ~ and the "zoom" 
icon will disappear. Hold ~ again to zoom in to a view of a Pez dispenser.

Go to Edanna, the Age with all the plants. Go to the part near the bottom 
just before the two big blue onion-looking flowers. Go to the part with the 
stone steps just below the bouncing leaf elevator. Turn right and you will 
see a moth on the stone steps. Do not touch the moth. If you do, it will fly 
away. Press ~, then click on the moth. You should see faces of two cats on 
the moth's wings that belong to the woman who designed most of Edanna. 

Watch picture:
After Saavedro does his "Atrus is that you? Not yet old friend" speech, zoom 
out from the window. Hold ~ and zoom in. You may need to do this a few times 
for it to work. You will see Brad Dourif checking his watch. 

When Saavedro steals the book and locks himself in the main horn, go up to 
the door he locked. Hold ~ and zoom in. You will see Bard Dourif having a 

Start a new game and go into Atrus' study. Click on everything in the room 
that resembles a pepper shaker. When this has been done, link to J'nanin. 
Use the light reflectors and reflect the light over to the green and red 
reflectors. Go across the island to the green and red reflectors. Turn the 
green reflector so the light reflects to the red one. Go up the stone steps 
to the red reflector. Stay here, and do not move forward yet. The red 
reflector reflects the light in two different directions -- over to the 
yellow reflector, and onto a big rock that is directly in front of it. You 
should be facing this rock now. Reflect the light on the rock. Hold ~ and 
click forward once (toward the rock). If done correctly, you will see a 
projection of the face of a cat named Pepper. He belongs to one of the 

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