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Max Payne

Cheat mode:
Hold [Option] + D immediately after starting the game until you hear a system 
beep. Once the window that has a picture of Max appears, click on the picture 
of Max. A checkbox with options will appear. Select "Developer Mode" to use 
the following cheats. Press [F12] during game play to display the console 
window. Enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. 
Press [F12] [F12] to close the console window.

Effect                          Code 
God mode                        god 
Disable God mode                mortal  
Debug mode                      coder 
Flight mode                     noclip  
Disable flight mode             noclip_off  
Additional bullet time          getbullettime  
Display frame rate              showfps  
All weapons                     getallweapons  
Unlimited ammunition            getinfiniteammo  
Only the baseball bat           getbaseballbat  
Only the Beretta                getberetta  
Only the dual Beretta's         getberettadual  
Only the sawed off shotgun      getsawedshotgun  
Only the pump shotgun           getpumpshotgun  
Only the jackhammer             getjackhammer  
Only the Ingram                 getingram  
Only the dual Ingrams           getingramdual  
Only the MP5                    getmp5  
Only the Colt Commando          getcoltcommando  
Only the Molotov cocktail       getmolotov  
Only grenades                   getgrenade  
Only the M79                    getm79  
Only the sniper rifle           getsniper  
Restore heath to 100%           gethealth  
Only Painkillers                getpainkillers  
Dual Ingrams with full ammo     getingramdual  
Dual Ingrams with full ammo     getdualingram  

Additional difficulty settings:
Successfully complete the game under the "Fugitive" difficulty setting to 
unlock the "Hard-Boiled" and ''The New York Minute'' settings. 

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