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Lode Runner 2

Cheat mode:
Press [Esc] during game play to display the options menu, then type 
glazed donut to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A sound will 
confirm correct code entry.

Effect                                  Code 

Return to previous level                [F3]  
Level skip                              [F4] 
Five more lives in single player mode   [Command] + [F12]  
Unlimited bombs in single player mode   [Command] + 8  
Beach ball                              [Command] + K  
Invisio power                           [Command] + I  
Morph                                   [Command] + T  
Cloak                                   [Command] + B  
Alternate appearance                    [Command] + [F7] or [F8]  
Toggle scrolling                        [Command] + S  

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