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Escape Velocity

Lucky gambling:

Hold [Space] for increased luck during the first three rolls. 


Hold [Option] and click on the title screen until the Escape 
Velocity/Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme plays. Hold [Ctrl] + 
[Command] + [Option] + F when the phrase "-MCB 4:35 A.M." appears. 
The "Forklift" theme song will play to confirm correct code entry. 
The loaded pilot file will receive the forklift. 

Escape Velocity haikus:

Press X at the title screen.

View song lyrics by the programmer:

Hold [Option] + [Command] + [Shift] and click on the top of the 
title screen. 

Hear message from the programmer:

Hold [Option] + M + B and click on the title screen.

Satellite Of Love:

Hold S + O + L at the title screen to eventually find the "Satellite 
Of Love" in a shipyard. 

Escape pirate attacks:

Hold [Shift] and press A + O + L. 

Special neutron blaster:

Sell the neutron blaster while it is still selected as the 
secondary weapon. The neutron blaster may still be fired with 
increased firepower until another secondary weapon is selected. 

Birthday message:

Set the Macintosh system date to June 30 and load the game. A 
"Happy Birthday Matt!" message will appear in the bottom left 
corner, in reference to programmer Matt Burch. 

Buying Rebel ships:

Get a deadly combat rating and fly around a planet. Kill their 
defense fleet with a Defender with a forklift. Take over all the 
planets besides Earth and Ruby. Go to Rebel HQ and go into the 
mission bar. Try to get a mission that leads up to killing a Alien 
cruiser; this may take awhile. After that, Rebel ships may be bought.

Chain gun missiles:

Purchase a large number of missiles and a missile launcher. Leave 
the planet, select the missiles, land on the planet, and sell the 
missile launcher. Note: This trick requires v1.0.2 of the game.

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