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Dungeon Master 2

Development team pictures:

Select the "About" option to display the names of the four members of 
the game's development team. Change each of your characters' names to 
match those names. Pictures of the programmers will appear in place 
of the original character graphics. 

Spell               Effect 

Priest Spells
YA-IR               Party Shield  
YA-IR-DAIN          Spell Shield  
OH-EW-KU            Aura of Strength  
OH-EW-ROS           Aura or Dexterity  
OH-EW-DAIN          Aura of Wisdom  
OH-EW-NETA          Aura of Vitality  
FUL-BRO-NETA        Fire Shield  
DES-IR-SAR          Darkness  
ZO-EW-ROS           Porter Minion  
ZO-BROS-ROS         Spell Reflector  
ZO-EW-NETA          Guardian Minion  
YA                  Stamina 
YA-BRO              Shield 
YA-BRO-DAIN         Wisdom  
YA-BRO-NETA         Vitality  
VI                  Health 
VI-BRO              Cure Poison  
OH-BRO-ROS          Dexterity  
FUL-BRO-KU          Strength  
ZO-BRO-RA           Mana 
Wizard Spells
YA-EW               Magic Marker  
OH-VEN              Poison Cloud  
OH-EW-SAR           Invisibility  
OH-KATH-KU          Push 
OH-KATH-ROS         Pull 
OH-KATH-SAR         Confuse Monster  
OH-KATH-RA          Lightning Bolt  
OH-IR-ROS           Accelerate Party (Haste)  
OH-IR-RA            Sunlight 
FUL                 Torchlight 
FUL-IR              Fireball 
DES-VEN             Poisonball  
DES-EW              Harm Non-Material  
ZO                  Open Button Doors  
ZO-EW-KU            Attack Minion  

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