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Doom 2: Hell On Earth

Cheat mode:

Type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 
function. Note: Cheat mode cannot be enabled in multiplayer mode. 

Effect                              Code 

Radiation suit (60 seconds)         idbeholdr  
Invisibility (60 seconds)           idbeholdi  
Invincibility (30 seconds)          idbeholdv  
Computer map                        idbeholda  
Night vision goggles (120 seconds)  idbeholdl  
Strength*                           idbeholds  
Chain saw**                         idchoppers  
Level select                        idclev(level number 01 - 32)
God mode                            iddqd 
Full map***                         iddt  
All weapons and ammo                idfa  
All keys, weapons, ammo             idkfa  
View current coordinates            idmypos  
Play music from indicated level     idmus(level number 01 - 32)
No clipping                         idclip  

*   Although this code will last during the entire level, the screen 
    will be blank for thirty seconds.
**  Press 1 to use the chainsaw after enabling the code. 
*** Enable this code while the map is displayed to display the full 
    map. Enable the code a second time to display all opponents and 
    objects. Hold [Ctrl] and enable the code four times during a 
    death match to display the other players. 

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