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Duplicate items:

Place an item in your belt. Take the item to be duplicated drop it on 
the ground. Walk away without leaving the screen, then click on the 
item again. As you pick the item up, click on an item in your belt 
immediately before taking the item on the ground. If timed correctly, 
the name of the item that was duplicated will appear in the box down 
below. It will have the same appearance as the item on the belt that 
was clicked on. Drop the item on the ground or place it in the back 
pack and it will re-appear correctly. However, do not create a second 
item of the same type and put both on the ground. If this is done, 
the duplicate item will be destroyed. 

Duplicate large items:

Put the item to be duplicated on the ground. Put a mana potion or 
another item on your belt. Walk a few steps away, then click on the 
item on the ground. Right when you pick it up, click on the item 
placed on your belt. Drop it on the ground. If timed correctly, it 
should turn into the item to be duplicated, and the original one will 
be in your inventory. This also works with money. Do not put both the 
duplicated item and the original item on the ground,or one will 
disappear. Note: This cheat will not work if the inventory window is 

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