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Dark Forces

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat 

Effect                                              Code 

Full ammunition                                     labrady  
Toggle insect mode                                  labug  
Toggle map mode*                                    lacds  
View coordinates                                    ladata  
Toggle invincibility**                              laimlame  
Teleport to starting point                          lantfh  
All weapons, full health, shields, ammo, items      lamaxout 
Faster music and voices, small enemies              laoz 
Faster game play                                    laops  
Automatic jumping                                   lapogo  
All weapons, full ammo                              lapostal  
Super weapons                                       larandy  
Pause enemies                                       laredlite  
Mission skip                                        laskip  

Full invincibility, unlimited ammo, weapon 
supercharge                                         laterminate 

All items                                           launlock  

*  Enable this code to view a full detailed map with item and 
   opponent location. Enable this code again to mark steps to a dark 
   green color. Enable this code again to return to normal. The full 
   map display is coded as follows: Blue triangle = shield units; 
   Blue square = ammo; Grey triangle = deceased opponent; Orange 
   triangle = dynamic scenery, Yellow dot = static scenery; Yellow 
   circle = Mouse Droid; Yellow triangle = live opponent. 
** Your character can still die by falling. 

Level codes:

Enter one of the following codes to begin game play at the 
corresponding level.

Level   Name                Code 

1       Secret Base         lasecbase 
2       Talay: Tak Base     latalay 
3       Anoat City          lasewers 
4       Research Facility   latestbase 
5       Gromas Mines        lagromas 
6       Detention Centre    ladtention 
7       Ramsees Head        laramshed 
8       Robotic Facility    larobotics 
9       Nar Shaddaar        lanarshada 
10      Jabba's Ship        lajabship 
11      Imperial City       laimpcity 
12      Fuel Station        lafuelstat 
13      The Executor        laexecutor 
14      The Arc Hammer      laarc 

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