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Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes during game play to 
activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Type the codes 
slowly, to allow the game to execute whatever function is currently 
assigned to each key before continuing with the remaining letters.

Effect                              Code 

Damaged body                        BIGBOTTOM  
Explosive pedestrians               SUPERHOOPS  
Hot Rod                             IGLOOFUN 
Underwater ability                  GOOGLEPLEX  
Instant handbrake                   SPAMFORREST  
Drugs                               INTHELOFT 
Jelly suspension                    BUYOURNEXTGAME  
Bouncy mode                         CHICKENFODDER  
Turbo pedestrians                   FUNNYJAM  
Pedestrian harvest                  TRAMSARESUPER  
Volcanic corpses                    ISLANDRULES  
Giant pedestrians                   SMALLUDDERS  
Free repairs                        SPAMFRITTERS  
Money bonus                         GIVEMELARD  
Pedestrians stuck to ground         SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM  
Strange gravity                     IHAVESOMESPAM  
Gravity from Jupiter                RABBITDREAMER  
Pinball mode                        MOOSEONTHELOOSE  
Pedestrians viewed on map           ILOVENOBBY  
Pedestrian electro bastard ray      RUSSFORMARIO  
Blind pedestrians                   HAMSTERSEX  
Extra grip tires                    BOYSFROMTHEBUSH  
Pedestrians re-spawn                NAUGHTYTORTY  
Self-repair                         [BACKSPACE]  
Invincibility                       SPOONREASON  
Free repairs                        SPAMFRITTERS  
Instant repair                      INTHEWAR  
Disable timer                       SEXWITHFISH  
Time bonus                          MILKYSMILES  
Mine                                BILLANDBEN 
Frozen opponents                    SPAMACCIDENTS  
Frozen police                       NASALSMEAR  
Faster opponents                    YUMMYLARD  
Faster police                       YAKATTACK  
Wall climber                        SECRETCOWS  
View pedestrians on map             ILOVENOBBY  
Greased tires                       BENFORMARIO  
Damage multiplier                   WEHATEMARIO  
Super turbo                         SOAPYTITWANKS  
Five free recovery vouchers         ICECREAMHOLE  
Granite car                         KNEEPITHAPPINESS  
Finish lap                          MRCURSORSCOOL  

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