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Backyard Baseball

Play as Mr. Clanky:
Enter the clubhouse and go to the trophy case. Hold [Shift] and click on Mr. 
Clanky. A sound will confirm correct code entry. You may now play as Mr. Clanky 
in a pick-up game. 

Special hitting:
Hit a special pitch. You will hear a sound get either an Aluminum Power, 
Screaming Line Drive, Under Grounder, or Crazy Bunt. 

Aluminum Power: Hit a special pitch with Power. 
Screaming Line Drive: Hit a special pitch with a Line Drive.
Under Grounder: Hit a special pitch with a Grounder.
Crazy Bunt: Hit a special pitch with a Bunt. 

Special pitches:
When you strikeout a batter with three pitches (three strikes in a row), you 
will here a sound and get a different pitch (Fireball, Big Freeze, Corkscrew, 
Spitball, etc). Note: Each special pitch will make your juice go down. 

Fireball: Super fast ball.
Slo-Mo: Super slow ball.
Corkscrew: The ball keeps looping around.
Zig-Zag: The ball zig-zags back and forth.
Crazyball: The ball flies all over the place.
Laughingball: The ball laughs very loud and is very hard to hit. 
Big Freeze: The ball freezes right before the batter swings.
Elevator: The ball rises up over the bat once the batter swings. 
Spitball: The ball sticks to the bat, causing it to go foul 90% of the time.
Note: Sometimes you will get more juice instead of a special pitch. 

Skip opening sequence:
Press [Esc] to skip through the opening sequence. 

Super player:
Select the "Create your own team" option and make a team with all colors set to 
pink. Choose Maria Luna and her stats will be 10 batting, 10 running, 9 
pitching, and 9 fielding. 

English-speaking Pablo Sanchez:
View his picture either at home in a season or at the cards mode. Then, hold 
[Shift] and click his picture. 

Player secrets:
Hold [Shift] while clicking on the player's card in the card book and they will 
tell you a secret fact. 

Automatic batting:
When you are batting, put the bat where the ball is, then hold the Left Mouse 
Button. If done correctly the CPU will swing for you.

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