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Blue Lightning

Landing upside down:

Upside down landings are allowed on level 6. Pressing Option 2 + Left 
or Right to perform a barrel-roll. Keep the plane upside-down and 
press Up while over an airstrip to land. After landing, the cockpit 
will open from the fuel tank and you may take off again by flying 

Bonus points:

Activate the afterburners as you enter the canyons on level 4 to 
receive a "Gutsy" bonus of 30,000 points. Activate the afterburners 
again immediately before entering the second set of canyons to 
receive a "Lunatic" bonus of 65,000 points. The bonus points are 
added to your score after landing. 

Level   Password  

1       AAAA  
2       PLAN  
3       ALFA  
4       BELL  
5       NINE  
6       LOCK  
7       HAND  
8       FLEA  
9       LIFE  

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