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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Cheat menu:
Enter one of the following series of controller actions at the start/options screen to display three additional menu items.
Press B, A, Down, Left, A, Down, C, Right, Up, Down.
Press A, C, Up, B, Up, B, A, Down for the Killer codes menu.
Press C, Right, A, Left, A, Up, C, Right, A, Left, A, Up.
Always defeated with fatality or brutality:
Lose a single player match and hold Down on controllers one and two. Your opponent will end the match with a fatality or brutality. Fight as Human Smoke:
Select robotic Smoke. Hold HP + LP + HK + LK until Shao Kahn announces the start of the round. Stage skip:
Start a single player game. Press Start on the controller two after the first round ends to advance to the next opponent. Bonus stage:
Complete the game using any character. Press Start on controller two when the green lightning appears from Shao Kahn's tower. Note: Jumping is not allowed in the bonus stage. Puppet show:
Note: A six-button controller is required to enable this code. Select Liu Kang as a character and begin a match. At the end of the second round press Down, Run, Down, Run, Down, Run. Eight lives in Galaxian mini-game:
Note: A six-button controller is required to enable this code. Enable the "Killer codes menu" to begin the Galaxian mini-game. Then, hold X + A + Z + C until the game starts. Fight as Goro:
Note: A six-button controller is required to enable this code. Select Kano as a character and begin a match. Hold A + B + C + X + Y +Z. Release all buttons when Dan Forden appears. Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Start(2), Mode(5).
Kombat Kodes:
Select a two player game and enter the Vs. screen. Use controller one to select the first three characters of the Kode, and controller two for the last three characters. Enter a valid Kode before the Vs. screen fades. Pressing a button will cycle the specific character to which it is assigned: Character Abbreviation Presses Dragon D 0 MK Logo M 1 Ying-Yang Y 2 Three 3 3 Question Mark ? 4 Lightning Bolt L 5 Goro G 6 Raiden R 7 Shao Kahn K 8 Skull S 9 ------------------------------------------------- Kode Effect 000-033 or 033-000 Player 1/2 half energy 000-707 or 707-000 Player 1/2 quarter energy 445-any or any-445 Timer disabled 012-345 One button brutalities (press HP) 955-955 Extended fatality time 944-944 One button fatalities 788-322 Fast uppercut recovery 044-440 No power - one hit kills! 300-300 No music 012-012 Health recovery. 100-100 Throwing disabled 010-010 Throwing encouraged 020-020 Blocking disabled 205-205 Winner fights Smoke 769-342 Winner fights Noob 969-141 Winner fights Shao Kahn 033-564 Winner fights Motaro 444-444 or 460-460 Randper Kombat 820-028 Fight at Pit III 343-343 Fight on The Roof 155-155 Extended fatality time 606-303 Pong mini-game 282-282 No Fear message 987-666 Flipper message 123-926 "..No knowledge without power" 221-557 Uppercut changes stage every time 191-191 Hyper speed 120-120 Credit screen before fight 989-898 8-man tournament with random characters 999-995 In-close combos disabled 091-293 Sweeping disabled 432-234 Minimal damage 449-449 Invisible fighters 987-123 No powerbars 688-422 Dark fighting 985-125 Psycho kombat 642-468 Play hidden game 666-444 Fight at Scorpion's Lair 330-033 Fight at Jade's Desert 466-466 Unlimited running 002-003 Fight at The River 004-700 Fight at Kahn's Kave
Treasures of Shao Khan:
Win the 8-on-8 tournament to select one of the following treasures: Symbol Treasure Dragon Shows winner's end screen MK Galaxians mini-game Yin/Yang Gain a random treasure 3 Fatality demo 1 ? Fatality demo 2 Lightning Fatality demo 3 Goro Noob Saibot/Ermac endurance match Rayden Endurance match (2-on-2) Shao Khan Hyper fighting Skull Demonstrates all finishing moves
Headless Kabal:
Select two player mode. Then, select your character as Kabal and have player two select any other character. When the Vs. screen appears put in the "Extended Fatality Time" Kombat Kode (155-155). Defeat your opponent with Kabal twice so you can finish him. This easier if your last hit on your opponent is a High Punch and you are as close as possible. After you hit your opponent, and Shao Kahn says "Finish Him!", walk up to your wobbling opponent while still holding High Punch. Next, press Forward, Forward, Down, Forward and then release High Punch. For no apparent reason, Kabal's head flies off of his body. Shao Khan then says, "Kabal wins. Fatality." Note: If your opponent is up against a wall after Kabal's head flies off, and you try to do the upper cut, Kano will upper cut, but it will miss the opponent. If you do nothing after that and wait until the "Kabal Wins" screen, the game will think you did a fatality. Kabal will be standing there with his head off on the ground, your opponent still wobbling, and Kano standing in his "Kano Wins" screen stance after he wins a match with his arms curved like he is flexing. Also, on any pit stage push your opponent all the way to the left or right of the screen so that you cannot move any farther. Now finish your opponent with a High Punch and allow the game to get to the "Finish Him!" screen. Hold High Punch and make Kabal's head fly off like normal by doing his Animality without a Mercy. Immediately after that, press Low Punch, Block, Block, High Kick. Kano should appear and upper-cut the opponent into the pit. Continuous lightning strike by Rain:
Select Rain and execute a lightning strike during a match. When your opponent starts his or her way down, repeat the lightning strick. You should perform it again just as your opponent is a quarter of the way down the screen from the top.

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