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Dune: The Battle For Arrakis

Full map:
Enter LOOKAROUND as a password. 25,000 credits:
Enter SPLURGEOLA as a password.
Mission Password House Atreides 1 DIPLOMATIC 2 SPICEDANCE 3 ETERNALSUN 4 DEFTHUNTER 5 FAIRMENTAT 6 ASHLIKENNY 7 SONICBLAST 8 DUNERUNNER House Harkonnen 1 DEMOLITION 2 SPICESATYR 3 BURNINGSUN 4 DARKHUNTER 5 EVILMENTAT 6 ITSJOEBWAN 7 DEVASTATOR 8 DEATHRULER House Ordos 1 DOMINATION 2 SPICESABRE 3 ARRAKISSUN 4 COLDHUNTER 5 WILYMENTAT 6 SLYMELANIE 7 STEALTHWAR 8 POWERCRUSH Units and Buildings Invincible* In the password menu, type in PLAYTESTER. As with all those other codes, besides the level codes, you will hear a sound which makes you think you failed to enter the right code. But start the game and you'll find your units and buildings to be invincible. Great if you wanna studdy enemy AI/behaviour. *Cheat submitted by The Highness (

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