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Oddworld Adventures

Password screen chanting:

Press Left at the Gamespeak screen to chant. Then, enter the password 
screen and rapidly tap Up, Down, Left, or Right. 

Super jump:

Jump and pause game play while in mid-air. Resume game play and press 
B to jump again while still in the air. Repeat this to move as high as 
needed. Note: Moving too far up can crash the game. 

Bypass intermissions:

Press Start to advance past the intermission sequences. 

Sound test:

Pause game play and press various buttons to hear sounds from the game. 

Level   Password  

2-0     JCBCM  
2-1     JMBCC  
2-2     JMCCB  
2-3     JPCCD  
2-4     JTCCJ  
2-5     STCCS  
2-6     SBCCT  
2-7     TBFCQ  
3-1     TBKCL  
3-2     TBTCB  
3-3     TBTDC  
3-4     TBTGF  
End     TBTBT  

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