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Men In Black

Cheat mode:

Enter 0601 and ignore the invalid password message. Press Start to 
return to the command center. Begin game play and hold Select +Up 
to move up vertically. Press Left or Right to move in that direction, 
or Select + Down to move down vertically. Hold Select + A to obtain 
the Noisy Cricket super-gun. A lightning bolt will appear next to 
the number of lives remaining to confirm correct code entry. 

Level skip:

Enter 2409 as a password and begin a new game. Pause game play and 
press Select to advance to the next level. Pause game play and 
press A to advance to the next stage within the current level. 

View ending sequence:

Enter 1943 as a password. 

Level   Location    Password  

2       Manhattan   2710 
3       Sewers      1807 
4       Airport     0309 
5       Rooftops    2705 
6       Forest      3107 

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